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Characterizing Perceptions Around the Patient-Oncologist Relationship: a Qualitative Focus Group Analysis

The purpose of the current study was to characterize the experiences of cancer patients and their caregiver/family members around their relationship with their oncologist, health care team, and the hospital environment. Participants were recruited …


Understanding Skin Screening Practices Among Children at Elevated Risk for Melanoma to Inform Interventions for Melanoma Prevention and Control

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer. Screening can aid in early disease detection, when treatment is more effective. Although there are currently no consensus guidelines regarding skin screening for pediatric populations with elevated …

13.02.2019 Open Access

Comparison of Quality of Life and Learning Success of Adolescents Surviving Cancer and Their Classmates

The aim of this study was to compare the quality of life and school success of adolescent survivors and their classmates. A survey was conducted among 21 cancer survived 12–18-year-old children and 95 of their classmates by using questionnaires …


Perceptions of Cancer Causes, Prevention, and Treatment Among Navajo Cancer Survivors

Native Americans experience cancer-related health disparities. Yet, little is known about the current cancer experience in one of the largest Native American tribe, Navajo. A qualitative study of among Navajo cancer survivors, in which focus …


Preventing Skin Cancer Among Staff and Guests at Seaside Hotels

Beach users and outdoor workers in resort areas are major risk groups for skin cancer, and therefore seaside hotels constitute a strategic area in which to conduct awareness-raising campaigns and interventions. The main aim of the present study is …

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This journal presents research that aims to improve current cancer education techniques and solve current problems that exist in educating patients, and strengthening existing programs. The Journal of Cancer Education serves as the ideal source to educate physicians, dentists, nurses, students, social workers as well as other allied health professionals, patients, and the general public in various aspects of cancer education techniques and current problems.

International in scope, the journal features a varied editorial board made up of MDs and PhDs working in the field, who see the importance of disseminating information about improving cancer education worldwide.

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