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How Is Health Literacy Related to Pap Testing Among US Women?

While Pap testing has significantly reduced the burden of cervical cancer, not all women follow prevention recommendations of cervical cancer screening every 3 years. Health literacy regarding Pap testing may influence the adoption of this …

21.06.2018 | EDITORIAL

Cancer Education: Be Inspired, Encouraged, and Empowered!

21.06.2018 | Reflection

A Survey Regarding the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Beliefs of Graduates of Cancer Rehabilitation Fellowship Program

Currently there are limited options for physiatrists to further subspecialize in cancer rehabilitation. Since 2007, few cancer rehabilitation fellowship programs have been started. There is currently absolutely no information about such training …


The Effect of Educational Intervention Based on PRECEDE Model on Promoting Skin Cancer Preventive Behaviors in High School Students

School-based education programs can be an effective way of educating adolescents about the dangers of exposure to sunlight and about preventive measures against this exposure and its relation to skin cancer. The aim of this study is to survey the …


Evaluation Breast Cancer Information on The Internet in Arabic

Nowadays, medical information regarding various diseases and disorders is available online. The Internet has become the first choice for the patient when it comes to gathering detailed information about a disease or problem. Therefore, in view of …

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This journal presents research that aims to improve current cancer education techniques and solve current problems that exist in educating patients, and strengthening existing programs. The Journal of Cancer Education serves as the ideal source to educate physicians, dentists, nurses, students, social workers as well as other allied health professionals, patients, and the general public in various aspects of cancer education techniques and current problems.

International in scope, the journal features a varied editorial board made up of MDs and PhDs working in the field, who see the importance of disseminating information about improving cancer education worldwide.

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