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Journal of Clinical Immunology

Ausgabe 2/2006

Inhalt (10 Artikel)

Increased Spontaneous Ex Vivo Apoptosis and Subset Alterations in Peripheral Blood T Cells from Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Alfredo Prieto, David Díaz, Hugo Barcenilla, Carmen Castrillo, Jorge Monserrat, Antonio García Merino, Melchor Álvarez-Mon

Aberrant Expression of CC and CXC Chemokines and Their Receptors in Patients with Asthma

Samantha W. M. Lun, C. K. Wong, Fanny W. S. Ko, W. K. Ip, David S. C. Hui, Christopher W. K. Lam

Influence of Pertussis toxin on CD1a Isoform Expression in Human Dendritic Cells

Angelo Martino, Elisabetta Volpe, Giovanni Auricchio, Vittorio Colizzi, Patrizia Morena Baldini

Interferon-Gamma Responses to Candida Recover Slowly or Remain Low in Immunodeficient HIV Patients Responding to ART

Kate Burgess, Patricia Price, Ian R. James, Shelley F. Stone, Niamh M. Keane, Andrew Y. F. Lim, John R. Warmington, Martyn A. French

Immunological Basis for IgE Hyper-Production in Enfuvirtide-Treated HIV- Positive Patients

Samuele E. Burastero, Clara Paolucci, Daniela Breda, Armando Soldarini, Fernanda Dorigatti, Elisa Soprana, Hamid Hasson, Priscilla Biswas, Adriano Lazzarin, Antonella Castagna

Rapid Subcutaneous IgG Replacement Therapy is Effective and Safe in Children and Adults with Primary Immunodeficiencies—A Prospective, Multi-National Study

Ann Gardulf, Uwe Nicolay, Oscar Asensio, Ewa Bernatowska, Andreas Böck, Beatriz Costa Carvalho, Carl Granert, Stefan Haag, Dolores Hernández, Peter Kiessling, Jan Kus, Jaune Pons, Tim Niehues, Sigune Schmidt, Ilka Schulze, Michael Borte

Two Mutations of the C7 Gene, c.1424G > A and c.281-1G > T, in Two Korean Families

Hee Jung Kang, Chang-Seok Ki, Yeon-Sook Kim, Mina Hur, So Ick Jang, Ki Sik Min

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