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07.12.2018 | Original Article

Distribution of lymphomas in Mexico: a multicenter descriptive study

Epidemiology of lymphoma is not well described in Mexico. We determined the frequencies and subtypes of the main non-Hodgkin’s and Hodgkin’s lymphomas in the Mexican population. Files for tissue samples for lymphomas stored in five different …

13.11.2018 | Images

Nonconventional morphology in plasma cell leukemia

Plasma cell leukemia is a rare malignancy with a poor outcome. Nonconventional morphology of circulating plasma cells is rare, but few case reports do exist. We present such a case that emphasizes the importance of integrating flow cytometric …

03.11.2018 | Case Report

Synchronous discordant Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)–positive nodal T/NK-cell lymphoma and EBV-positive diffuse large B cell lymphoma in a patient with a history of EBV-positive Burkitt lymphoma

In rare cases, patients present with multiple simultaneous lymphomas at one or more anatomic sites. These may be described as composite (occurring at one anatomic site) or discordant (occurring at different anatomic sites). Although the …

28.10.2018 | Case Report

Primary spinal T cell/histiocyte-rich large B cell lymphoma (THRLBCL)—a rare diagnosis at a rare site

T cell/histiocyte-rich large B cell lymphoma (THRLBCL) is an unusual variant of diffuse large B cell lymphoma with poor prognosis. We describe a case of THRLBCL with an uncommon isolated spinal involvement. A 37-year-old male came to the …

08.09.2018 | Case Report

Post-transplant CD4+ non-cytotoxic γδ T cell lymphoma with lymph node involvement

Gamma delta T cells represent a minor subset of the normal lymphocyte component of the human immune system, largely inhabiting mucosal surfaces. Gamma delta T cell lymphomas (γδ TCLs) are thought to be derived from these cells and are rare …

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The Journal of Hematopathology provides pathologists interested in hematopathology with all the information needed to perform modern pathology in evaluating lymphoid tissues and bone marrow. The Journal publishes reviews, editorials, comments, original papers, guidelines and protocols, papers on ancillary techniques, and case reports in the fields of the pathology, molecular biology, and clinical features of diseases of the hematopoietic system.

The Journal is unique in its international character, helping to address the huge geographical variations in incidence of disease.

The Journal offers a sure reference point for all pathologists with an interest in hematopathology. Molecular biologists involved in the expanding field of molecular diagnostics and research on lymphomas and leukemia benefit from the journal, too. Furthermore, the journal is of major interest for hematologists dealing with patients suffering from lymphomas, leukemias, and other diseases.

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14.11.2018 | Originalien | Ausgabe 6/2018

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01.11.2018 | Schwerpunkt: Immunpathologie | Ausgabe 6/2018

Der prädiktive Wert der PD-L1-Diagnostik

26.10.2018 | Vergewaltigung | CME | Ausgabe 6/2018

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