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Journal of Neural Transmission

Translational Neuroscience, Neurology and Preclinical Neurological Studies, Psychiatry and Preclinical Psychiatric Studies


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20.06.2022 | Neurology and Preclinical Neurological Studies - Review Article

Morphological basis of Parkinson disease-associated cognitive impairment: an update

Cognitive impairment is one of the most salient non-motor symptoms of Parkinson disease (PD) that poses a significant burden on the patients and carers as well as being a risk factor for early mortality. People with PD show a wide spectrum of …

15.06.2022 | Neurology and Preclinical Neurological Studies - Review Article

The enigma of vascular depression in old age: a critical update

Depression is common in older individuals and is associated with high disability and increased mortality, yet the factors predicting late-life depression (LLD) are poorly understood. The relationship between of depressive disorder, age- and …

Open Access 13.06.2022 | Neurology and Preclinical Neurological Studies - Original Article

Treadmill training and physiotherapy similarly improve dual task gait performance: a randomized-controlled trial in Parkinson’s disease

Motor-cognitive dual tasks are used to investigate the interplay between gait and cognition. Dual task walking in patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) results in decreased gait speed and more importantly in an increased fall risk. There is …

Open Access 13.06.2022 | Neurology and Preclinical Neurological Studies - Review Article

Disease modification in Parkinsonism: obstacles and ways forward

To date, the diagnoses of Parkinson syndromes are based on clinical examination. Therefore, these specific diagnoses are made, when the neuropathological process is already advanced. However, disease modification or neuroprotection, is considered …

08.06.2022 | Psychiatry and Preclinical Psychiatric Studies - Original Article

Prenatal exposure to morphine enhances excitability in locus coeruleus neurons

Opioid abuse during pregnancy may have noteworthy effects on the child’s behavioral, emotional and cognitive progression. In this study, we assessed the effect of prenatal exposure to morphine on electrophysiological features of locus coeruleus …

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The investigation of basic mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of neurological and psychiatric disorders has deepened our knowledge of these disorders and their treatment. The Journal of Neural Transmission establishes an interface between basic sciences and clinical neurology and psychiatry and acts as a platform for translational research publications in neurosciences and associated clinical fields, thus bridging the gap between basic knowledge and clinical application.

The journal is published monthly in three sections: 'Translational Neuroscience', 'Neurology and preclinical neurological studies' and 'Psychiatry and preclinical psychiatric studies'.

Journal of Neural Transmission
Volume 104/1997 - Volume 129/2022
Springer Vienna
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