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Journal of Religion and Health

Journal of Religion and Health 5/2018

Ausgabe 5/2018

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 31 Artikel )

01.07.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Near-Death Experiences in a Multi-religious Hospital Population in Sri Lanka

Miyuru Chandradasa, Chamara Wijesinghe, K. A. L. A. Kuruppuarachchi, Mahendra Perera

19.07.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Spirituality, Distress and Posttraumatic Growth in Breast Cancer Patients

Ana Cristina Paredes, M. Graça Pereira

30.08.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Spiritual Transcendence and Psychological Adjustment: The Moderating Role of Personality in Burn Patients

Tahira Jibeen, Musferah Mahfooz, Shamem Fatima

24.10.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Religious versus Conventional Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

Bogdan Tudor Tulbure, Gerhard Andersson, Nastasia Sălăgean, Michelle Pearce, Harold G. Koenig

26.10.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Understanding the Perception of Islamic Medicine Among the Malaysian Muslim Community

Khadher Ahmad, Mohd Farhan Md Ariffin, Fauzi Deraman, Sedek Ariffin, Mustaffa Abdullah, Monika Munirah Abd Razzak, M. Y. Zulkifli Mohd Yusoff, Meguellati Achour

07.11.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Nursing Practices in Catholic Healthcare: A Case Study of Nurses in a Catholic Private Hospital

Karen-leigh Edward, Jo-Ann Giandinoto, Cally Mills, Kate Kay

12.01.2018 | Philosophical Exploration | Ausgabe 5/2018

Touching the Spirit: Re-enchanting the Person in the Body

Peggy L. Determeyer, Julie E. Kutac

04.01.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Is Minority Stress in the Eye of the Beholder? A Test of Minority Stress Theory with Christians

Mike C. Parent, Melanie E. Brewster, Stephen W. Cook, Kevin A. Harmon

04.08.2018 | Philosophical Exploration | Ausgabe 5/2018

Psychiatry, Cultural Competency, and the Care of Ultra-Orthodox Jews: Achieving Secular and Theocentric Convergence Through Introspection

Aaron M. Bloch, Ezra Gabbay, Samantha F. Knowlton, Joseph J. Fins

03.08.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

American Muslim Physician Attitudes Toward Organ Donation

Mustafa Ahmed, Paul Kubilis, Aasim Padela

15.06.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018 Open Access

Toward a Framework for Islamic Psychology and Psychotherapy: An Islamic Model of the Soul

Abdallah Rothman, Adrian Coyle

21.06.2018 | Philosophical Exploration | Ausgabe 5/2018 Open Access

Neuroscience and Brain Death Controversies: The Elephant in the Room

Joseph L. Verheijde, Mohamed Y. Rady, Michael Potts

06.02.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

A Systematic Comparison of African American and Non-African American Patients on Psychosocial Aspects of Hepatitis C Infection

Omar T. Sims, Barry A. Hong, Shaonin Ji, David E. Pollio, Carol S. North

10.07.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Sociodemographic Factors Associated with Types of Projects Implemented by Volunteer Lay Health Educators in Their Congregations

Panagis Galiatsatos, Krista A. Haapanen, Katie Nelson, Ashley Park, Hasmin Sherwin, Mariah Robertson, Kerry Sheets, W. Daniel Hale

06.02.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Applying Attention Restoration Theory to Understand and Address Clergy’s Need to Restore Cognitive Capacity

Chelsea Gill, Jan Packer, Roy Ballantyne

14.02.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Coping Mechanisms for Psychosomatic Symptoms among Aging Roman Catholic German priests

Carlos I. Man-Ging, Eckhard Frick, Klaus Baumann

21.02.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Body Covering and Body Image: A Comparison of Veiled and Unveiled Muslim Women, Christian Women, and Atheist Women Regarding Body Checking, Body Dissatisfaction, and Eating Disorder Symptoms

Leonie Wilhelm, Andrea S. Hartmann, Julia C. Becker, Melahat Kişi, Manuel Waldorf, Silja Vocks

10.02.2017 | Psychological Exploration | Ausgabe 5/2018

Evaluation of Psychometric Properties of the Second Version of the Taqwa (Piety) Questionnaire in Bahasa Melayu

Tahereh Seghatoleslam, Hussain Habil, Ahmad Hatim, Abolfazl Ardakani, Khafidz Ishak, Rusdi Rashid

25.04.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Mechanisms Behind Religiosity and Spirituality’s Effect on Mental Health, Quality of Life and Well-Being

Mario Fernando Prieto Peres, Helder H. Kamei, Patricia R. Tobo, Giancarlo Lucchetti

26.06.2017 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

What’s Religion Got to Do with It? Exploring College Students’ Sexual and Reproductive Health Knowledge and Awareness of Sexual and Reproductive Health Services in Relation to Their Gender and Religiosity

Nancy Martin, Lori Baralt, Claire Garrido-Ortega

15.03.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Spirituality and Post-Stroke Aphasia Recovery

Jacqueline S. Laures-Gore, Penelope Leonard Lambert, Ann Cale Kruger, Jennifer Love, Don E. Davis Jr.

21.03.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

The Role of Religious Socialization and Religiosity in African American and Caribbean Black Adolescents’ Sexual Initiation

Tamara Taggart, Nisha Gottfredson, Wizdom Powell, Susan Ennett, Linda M. Chatters, Lori Carter-Edwards, Eugenia Eng

26.03.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Influence of Religious and Spiritual Elements on Adherence to Pharmacological Treatment

Bárbara Badanta-Romero, Rocío de Diego-Cordero, Estefanía Rivilla-García

07.04.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Spirituality in African-American Breast Cancer Patients: Implications for Clinical and Psychosocial Care

Vanessa B. Sheppard, Robin Walker, Winifred Phillips, Victoria Hudson, Hanfei Xu, Mark L. Cabling, Jun He, Arnethea L. Sutton, Jill Hamilton

25.04.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

The Influence of Religion and Spirituality on HIV Prevention Among Black and Latino Men Who Have Sex with Men, New York City

Kathryn Drumhiller, José E. Nanín, Zaneta Gaul, Madeline Y. Sutton

05.05.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Religiosity/Spirituality Matters on Plant-Based Local Medical System

Ulysses Paulino Albuquerque, Washington Soares Ferreira Júnior, Daniel Carvalho Pires Sousa, Rafael Corrêa Prota Santos Reinaldo, André Luiz Borba do Nascimento, Paulo Henrique Santos Gonçalves

22.05.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Impact of Spirituality/Religiousness on Cyber Bullying and Victimization in University Students: Mediating Effect of Emotional Intelligence

Mohit Yadav, Rohit Yadav

02.06.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Religiosity and Coping: Racial Stigma and Psychological Well-Being among African American Girls

Sheretta T. Butler-Barnes, Pamela P. Martin, Elan C. Hope, Nikeea Copeland-Linder, Marquisha Lawrence Scott

11.07.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Health and Religions: A Bibliometric Analysis of Health Literature Related to Abrahamic Religions Between 1975 and 2017

Engin Şenel

03.08.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Study of the Lived Experience of Spiritual Conversion in a Neo-Charismatic Evangelical Context

Shannon K. Johnson, Marilyn P. Armour

28.07.2018 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 5/2018

Spiritual Interventions in Veterans with PTSD: A Systematic Review

Zachary P. W. Smothers, Harold G. Koenig

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