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07.05.2018 | The Writer’s Craft Open Access

Using rhetorical appeals to credibility, logic, and emotions to increase your persuasiveness

Ethos is the appeal focused on the writer. It refers to the character of the writer, including her credibility and trustworthiness. The reader must be convinced that the author is an authority and merits attention. In scientific research, the …

07.05.2018 | Supplement Open Access

Cultural competence and curricular design: learning the hard way

Since the Liaison Committee on Medical Education formalized a standard for cultural competence in 2000 [ 1 ], medical schools have been challenged with how to effectively teach and assess this topic in the undergraduate medical curriculum. In the …

30.04.2018 | Original Article Open Access

When to trust our learners? Clinical teachers’ perceptions of decision variables in the entrustment process

Clinical training programs increasingly use entrustable professional activities (EPAs) as focus of assessment, but questions remain about which information should ground decisions to trust learners. Clinical teachers struggle to find ways to …

27.04.2018 | Supplement Open Access

Crystallizations of constructs

Lessons learned from a literature review

Returning back to work following maternity leave, I was feeling a bit out of touch with the current literature on clinical reasoning, a literature with which I am generally quite familiar. I teamed up with a few colleagues, and drafted a proposal …

27.04.2018 | Original Article Open Access

Context and clinical reasoning

Understanding the medical student perspective

The traditional view is that contextual factors are extrinsic to clinical reasoning performance (e. g. they are noise). Recent studies have demonstrated that contextual factors influence clinical reasoning performance in resident and board …

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