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Perspectives on Medical Education

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14.10.2021 | Original Article Open Access

Barriers to cross-disciplinary knowledge flow: The case of medical education research

A growing number of researchers have been studying interdisciplinary knowledge flow in recent decades [ 1 – 4 ], contributing to the debate around the volume of knowledge exported from, and imported by disciplines. In contrast to the common belief …

12.10.2021 | Original Article Open Access

The contribution of simulated patients to meaningful student learning

Health professionals’ strong communication skills have been linked to effective patient interviewing, enhanced patient and professional satisfaction and improved patient outcomes [ 1 – 3 ]. Simulated patients (SPs) play an instrumental role in …

05.10.2021 | Review Article Open Access

Theory in quality improvement and patient safety education: A scoping review

Quality improvement and patient safety (QIPS) education plays a critical role in developing healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to improve healthcare systems. Over the past 15 years, systematic reviews of QIPS …

13.09.2021 | Failures/Surprises Open Access

Engagement and learning in an electronic spaced repetition curriculum companion for a paediatrics academic half-day curriculum

Postgraduate residencies utilize academic half-days to supplement clinical learning. Spaced repetition reinforces taught content to improve retention. We leveraged spaced repetition in a curriculum companion for a paediatric residency program’s …

10.09.2021 | Original Article Open Access

Advancing the science of health professions education through a shared understanding of terminology: a content analysis of terms for “faculty”

Without definitional clarity of terms and concepts, researchers and educators in health professions education (HPE) research risk misunderstandings, slow the progress of the field, and limit the possibility for newcomers to engage in scholarly …

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Perspectives on Medical Education(PME) is the official, peer-reviewed journal of the Netherlands Association of Medical Education.PME offers an international platform for innovation and research in health professions education. The readers of the Journal are clinical and preclinical health care professionals, education experts, professionals, policymakers, students and other professionals with an interest in health professions education. Authors are invited to submit papers (free of charge) that cover innovations and research advances in health professions education. The scope of the journal includes all levels of health professions education, from undergraduate education to continuing professional development. The journal is truly open access (for authors and readers alike).

PME has an international Editorial Board and Advisory Board, consisting of researchers and professionals from all over the world who share their health education expertise.

Perspectives on Medical Education is highly visible thanks to its unrestricted online access policy. It is sponsored by the NVMO (The Netherlands Association of Medical Education) and offers free manuscript submission.

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