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31.07.2017 | Original Article Open Access

Depression Symptoms in Haemodialysis Patients Predict All-Cause Mortality but Not Kidney Transplantation: A Cause-Specific Outcome Analysis

Depression is a common comorbidity experienced across the spectrum of advanced kidney disease, particularly in End-Stage Kidney Failure (ESKF). Estimates of depression, as determined by cut-off scores from validated screening tools, suggest that …

14.07.2017 | Original Article

Mediators of Physical Activity Adherence: Results from an Action Control Intervention in Couples

In systematic reviews, self-regulation constructs found most support for mediation in physical activity interventions [ 5 , 7 ]. In line with this, a recent review of obesity interventions [ 6 ] demonstrated that self-regulation skills (e.g. …

13.07.2017 | Original Article

Acculturation and Syndemic Risk: Longitudinal Evaluation of Risk Factors Among Pregnant Latina Adolescents in New York City

Risk behaviors are higher among adolescents and young adults, impacting numerous health outcomes [ 1 , 2 ]. The younger an individual is when becoming burdened by poor health, the greater the potential for disability, lower quality of life, and …

23.06.2017 | Original Article

The Role of Physical Activity and Sedentary Behavior in Predicting Daily Pain and Fatigue in Older Adults: a Diary Study

Engagement in self-reported PA has been related to less back pain in older adults [ 14 ]. In line with this, PA is recommended as a treatment for chronic pain [ 15 ]. Additionally, higher levels of sitting time have been associated with worse …

05.06.2017 | Original Article

Coordination of Self- and Parental-Regulation Surrounding Type I Diabetes Management in Late Adolescence

Inherently, examining diabetes management as a complex system makes for a complex problem. Dynamical systems modeling approaches aim to capture the relationships among multiple variables simultaneously through time by characterizing a variable as …

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