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24.02.2020 | Original Article

Effects of green tea extract supplementation and endurance training on irisin, pro-inflammatory cytokines, and adiponectin concentrations in overweight middle-aged men

Weight loss strategies such as physical activity and herbal plant supplementation are commonly used to combat obesity, inflammation, and prevent metabolic disease (Ashtary-Larky et al. 2018 ). Green tea extract (GTE) is consumed worldwide for …

22.02.2020 | Original Article

Critical speed and finite distance capacity: norms for athletic and non-athletic groups

The ability to identify moderate, heavy, and severe exercise intensity domains to appropriately delineate sustainable from non-sustainable exercise is an important prerequisite for exercise and performance prescription (Jones and Vanhatalo 2017 ; …

22.02.2020 | Original Article Open Access

Increased level of circulating cell-free mitochondrial DNA due to a single bout of strenuous physical exercise

The effect of strenuous physical exercise on the immune system has been studied during the last years. Both acute and chronic training have been investigated, often in connection with various disease syndromes, such as depression or multiple …

21.02.2020 | Original Article

A 3-day dietary manipulation affects muscle glycogen and results in modifications of carbohydrate and fat metabolism during exercise when hyperglycaemic

The carbohydrate (CHO) loading diet was popularised in the late 1960s after it had been found that muscle glycogen content could be increased by a high-CHO diet (~ 70% CHO) which led to an improvement in sporting performance (Ahlborg et al. 1967 ; …

21.02.2020 | Original Article

Neuromuscular and perceptual responses during repeated cycling sprints—usefulness of a “hypoxic to normoxic” recovery approach

A consequence of repetitive “all-out” efforts is the development of fatigue defined as an exercise-induced reduction in the maximal isometric voluntary contraction (MVC) force/torque or power of a muscle group, which potentially involves …

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With a focus on human integrative and translational physiology, the European Journal of Applied Physiology publishes original research that is considered likely to further our understanding of the functioning of the intact healthy human body under a variety of environmental (e.g. altitude, climatic, gravitational) and exercise conditions. Contexts include those relating to occupational, sporting, recreational and daily activities throughout the human life-span from childhood to old age.

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