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01.12.2020 | Original Article Open Access

A hypoenergetic diet with decreased protein intake does not reduce lean body mass in trained females

Many athletes employ weight loss strategies to enhance body composition and achieve health or performance goals. In particular, weight class sports, such as mixed-martial-arts and weightlifting (Barley et al. 2018 ; da Silva Santos et al. 2016 ; …

27.11.2020 | Original Article

H-reflex and M-wave responses after voluntary and electrically evoked muscle cramping

A cramp is defined as an unforeseen, involuntary and painful muscle contraction that is usually accompanied by visible or palpable ‘knotting’ of the affected muscle (Layzer and Rowland 1971 ). Muscle cramps can occur at rest, during sleep and …

22.11.2020 | Original Article

Contractile history affects sag and boost properties of unfused tetanic contractions in human quadriceps muscles

Fast-twitch motor units of many mammalian muscles exhibit a period of extra-efficient force production at the onset of unfused tetanic contractions which has recently been termed “boost” (Krysciak et al. 2020 ). Boost is a short-lived phenomenon …

21.11.2020 | Invited Review

Echo intensity as an indicator of skeletal muscle quality: applications, methodology, and future directions

Echo intensity (EI) is being increasingly implemented by investigators in the fields of exercise physiology and rehabilitation science as a measure of skeletal muscle composition, or quality. The foundational premise of EI is that skeletal muscle …

19.11.2020 | Original Article Open Access

Intermittent post-exercise sauna bathing improves markers of exercise capacity in hot and temperate conditions in trained middle-distance runners

Heat acclimation improves exercise performance in the heat (Sawka et al. 2011 ). The most common model studied in the literature is “medium-term” active heat acclimation (Tyler et al. 2016 ), where individuals exercise in a climatic/environmental …

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