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International Urogynecology Journal

International Urogynecology Journal 10/2020

Ausgabe 10/2020

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 30 Artikel )

02.04.2020 | Editorial | Ausgabe 10/2020

3D modeling and 3D printing in functional urology: the future perspective

Emre Huri, Sherif Mourad, Alka Bhide, Giuseppe Alessandro Digesu

08.05.2020 | Review Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Cosmetic gynecology—a systematic review and call for standardized outcome measures

Bobby Garcia, Stacey Scheib, Barry Hallner, Nia Thompson, Julie Schiavo, Lisa Peacock

21.07.2020 | Clinical Opinion | Ausgabe 10/2020 Open Access

The international discussion and the new regulations concerning transvaginal mesh implants in pelvic organ prolapse surgery

Nathalie Ng-Stollmann, Christian Fünfgeld, Boris Gabriel, Achim Niesel

18.06.2020 | Clinical Opinion | Ausgabe 10/2020

Update in native tissue vaginal vault prolapse repair

Andrea Braga, Maurizio Serati, Stefano Salvatore, Marco Torella, Roberto Pasqualetti, Andrea Papadia, Giorgio Caccia

07.07.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Evaluation of suture material used in anterior colporrhaphy and the risk of recurrence

Emelie Valtersson, Karen Ruben Husby, Marlene Elmelund, Niels Klarskov

20.07.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Specific Changes in Manometric Parameters are Associated with Non-improvement in Symptoms after Rectocele Repair

Sameh Hany Emile, Mohammed Balata, Waleed Omar, Wael Khafagy, Hesham Elgendy

05.08.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Factors involved in prolapse recurrence one year after anterior vaginal repair

Irene Diez-Itza, Marisa Avila, Sabiñe Uranga, Maria Belar, Arantza Lekuona, Alicia Martin

26.08.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Pain after permanent versus delayed absorbable monofilament suture for vaginal graft attachment during minimally invasive total hysterectomy and sacrocolpopexy

C. Emi Bretschneider, Kimberly Kenton, Elizabeth J. Geller, Jennifer M. Wu, Catherine A. Matthews

11.02.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Anterior repair versus no anterior repair for anterior vaginal wall prolapse resolved under simulated apical support at the time of uterosacral ligament suspension

So Yeon Lee, Myung Jae Jeon

17.02.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Electromyography of pelvic floor muscles with true differential versus faux differential electrode configuration

Claudia Ballmer, Patric Eichelberger, Monika Leitner, Helene Moser, Helena Luginbuehl, Annette Kuhn, Lorenz Radlinger

04.03.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

The impact of prior prolapse repairs on surgical outcomes with minimally invasive sacral colpopexy

Alexandra Dubinskaya, Megan S. Bradley, Dorothy B. Wakefield, Jonathan P. Shepherd

05.03.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Comparison between laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy with hysterectomy and hysteropexy in advanced urogenital prolapse

Ester Illiano, Konstantinos Giannitsas, Elisabetta Costantini

07.03.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Does concurrent posterior repair for an asymptomatic rectocele reduce the risk of surgical failure in patients undergoing sacrocolpopexy?

Olivia H. Chang, Emily R. W. Davidson, Tonya N. Thomas, Marie Fidela R. Paraiso, Cecile A. Ferrando

03.06.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Long-term follow-up of native tissue anterior vaginal wall repair: does the POP-Q stage really reflect patients’ satisfaction rate?

Rok Šumak, Tamara Serdinšek, Igor But

16.06.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Evaluation of the ACS NSQIP surgical risk calculator in patients undergoing pelvic organ prolapse surgery

Susan D. Wherley, Graham C. Chapman, Sangeeta T. Mahajan, Adonis K. Hijaz, Emily A. Slopnick, Kasey Roberts, Sherif El-Nashar

16.06.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Prolapse repair in the elderly patient: contemporary trends and 30-day perioperative complications

Alice Drain, Christina Escobar, Dominique Pape

23.06.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Surgical approach, complications, and reoperation rates of combined rectal and pelvic organ prolapse surgery

Shannon L. Wallace, Raveen Syan, Ekene A. Enemchukwu, Kavita Mishra, Eric R. Sokol, Brooke Gurland

02.07.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Vaginal hysterectomy with anterior and posterior repair for pelvic organ prolapse under local anesthesia: results of a pilot study

Stavros Athanasiou, Dimitrios Zacharakis, Themos Grigoriadis, Theodoros Papalios, Eleni Pitsouni, Dimitrios Valsamidis, Sofia Hadzillia

30.05.2020 | Commentary | Ausgabe 10/2020

A commentary on “Vaginal hysterectomy with anterior and posterior repair for pelvic organ prolapse under local anesthesia: results of a pilot study”

Ghazaleh Rostaminia

10.04.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Dynamic magnetic resonance imaging to quantify pelvic organ mobility after treatment for uterine descent: differences between surgical procedures

Mèlanie N. van IJsselmuiden, Pauline Lecomte-Grosbras, Jean-François Witz, Mathias Brieu, Michel Cosson, Hugo W. F. van Eijndhoven

09.05.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Do variations in labial anatomy have an effect on recurrent urinary tract infection?

Arif Aydın, Adeviye Elçi Atılgan, Mehmet Giray Sönmez, Leyla Sönmez, Mehmet Salih Boğa, Mehmet Balasar

28.05.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Hysterectomy with uterosacral suspension or Uphold™ hysteropexy in women with apical prolapse: a parallel cohort study

Mugdha Kulkarni, Natharnia Young, Joseph Lee, Anna Rosamilia

27.06.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Traditional McCall culdoplasty compared to a modified McCall technique with double ligament suspension: anatomical and clinical outcomes

Silvia Parisi, Antonia Novelli, Elena Olearo, Alessandro Basile, Andrea Puppo

07.03.2020 | Original Article | Ausgabe 10/2020

Outcomes of native tissue transvaginal apical approaches in women with advanced pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence

Isuzu Meyer, Ryan E. Whitworth, Emily S. Lukacz, Ariana L. Smith, Vivian W. Sung, Anthony G. Visco, Mary F. Ackenbom, Clifford Y. Wai, Donna Mazloomdoost, Marie G. Gantz, Holly E. Richter, on behalf of the NICHD Pelvic Floor Disorders Network and the National Institutes of Health Office of Research on Women’s Health

17.04.2020 | IUJ Video | Ausgabe 10/2020 Open Access

A new technique of laparoscopic fixation of the uterus to the anterior abdominal wall with the use of overfascial mesh in the treatment of pelvic organ prolapse

Jakub Śliwa, Anna Kryza-Ottou, Aleksandra Zimmer-Stelmach, Mariusz Zimmer

17.06.2020 | IUJ Video | Ausgabe 10/2020

Total colpocleisis technique in huge neglected ulcerated uterovaginal prolapse

Serdar Aydın, İrana Gorchiyeva, Fatma Basak Tanoglu

21.04.2020 | IUJ Video | Ausgabe 10/2020

Video of uterovaginal procidentia repair incorporating a high extraperitoneal uterosacral vault suspension

Ariel Zilberlicht, Peter L. Dwyer, Natarajan Rajamaheswari, Nicola Dykes, Debjyoti Karmakar

27.07.2020 | Images in Urogynecology | Ausgabe 10/2020

Transobturator approach: a novel procedure for anterior vaginal wall prolapse avoiding the use of vaginal mesh

Joel Laufer, Santiago Scasso, Daniel S. Elliott

30.07.2020 | Images in Urogynecology | Ausgabe 10/2020

Surgical removal of sacrocolpopexy mesh due to chronic inflammatory reaction

Jacqueline Y. Kikuchi, Stephanie L. Wethington, Danielle Patterson

29.07.2020 | COVID-19 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 10/2020 Zur Zeit gratis

The comeback of vaginal surgery during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: a new paradigm

Gautier Chene, Emanuele Cerruto, Erdogan Nohuz

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