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Acta Neurochirurgica

Ausgabe 11/2023

Inhalt (47 Artikel)

Open Access Review Article

Thromboembolic prophylaxis in neurosurgical practice: a systematic review

Zhaoyuan Zhang, Husule Cai, Carmen L. A. Vleggeert-Lankamp

Open Access Review Article

Implementation of the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS®) program in neurosurgery

Amani Belouaer, Giulia Cossu, Georgios E. Papadakis, John G. Gaudet, Maria-Helena Perez, Vivianne Chanez, Yann Boegli, Caroline Mury, David Peters, Valérie Addor, Marc Levivier, Roy Thomas Daniel, Nicolas Demartines, Mahmoud Messerer

Open Access Original Article

The use of e-consent in surgery and application to neurosurgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Asfand Baig Mirza, Abbas Khizar Khoja, Fizza Ali, Mustafa El-Sheikh, Ammal Bibi-Shahid, Jandira Trindade, Brett Rocos, Gordan Grahovac, Jonathan Bull, Alexander Montgomery, Babak Arvin, Ahmed-Ramadan Sadek

How I Do it

How I do it: simplified craniotomy for acute subdural hematoma in the elderly

Nathan Beucler, Jeanne Bonnet, Arnaud Dagain

Original Article

Analysis of craniectomy bone flaps stored in a neurosurgical cryopreservation freezer: microorganism culture results and reimplantation rates

Brianna M. Donnelly, David E. Smolar, Ammad A. Baig, Mohamed A. R. Soliman, Andre Monteiro, Kevin J. Gibbons, Elad I. Levy, Kenneth V. Snyder

Original Article

A multicenter observational study on outcomes of moderate and severe pediatric traumatic brain injuries—time to reappraise thresholds for treatment

Syeda Kashfi Qadri, Jan Hau Lee, Yanan Zhu, Paula Caporal, Juan D Roa G, Sebastián González-Dambrauskas, Adriana Yock-Corrales, Qalab Abbas, Yasser Kazzaz, Luming Shi, Dianna Sri Dewi, Shu-Ling Chong, Yek Kee Chor, Olive Pei Ee Lee, Chin Seng Gan, Soo Lin Chuah, Jacqueline Ong, Li Jia Fan, Nattachai Anantasit, Rujipat Samransamruajkit, Montida Veeravigrom, Hiroshi Kurosawa, Yuki Shiomi, Mei Xiu Ming, Hongxing Dang, Hajra Khwaja, Pei Chuen Lee, Chunfeng Liu, Kai You, Tao Zhang, Mohannad Ahmad Antar, Pablo Vasque Hoyus, Natalia Gómez Arriola, Ivan Jose Ardila Gomez, Juan Camilo Jaramillo Bustamante, Gabriela Aparicio, Freddy Israel Pantoja Chamorro, Thelma Elvira Teran Miranda, Marisol Fonseca Flores, Rosa Elena de la Torre Gómez, Javier Pilar Orive, Ruben Eduardo Lasso Lomino, Edgar Wadarrama, Natalia Zita Watzlawik, Andrea Rodríguez, Nicolás Monteverde, Deborah M. Turina, María Miñambres Rodríguez, Andrea Leal Barceló, Jesús Ángel Domínguez Rojas, Celsia Ortega

Original Article - Neurosurgery general

Reducing morbidity associated with subdural drain placement after burr-hole drainage of unilateral chronic subdural hematomas: a retrospective series comparing conventional and modified Nelaton catheter techniques

Manuel Moser, Daniel Coluccia, Christoph Watermann, Dirk Lehnick, Serge Marbacher, Karl F. Kothbauer, Edin Nevzati

Open Access Original Article

Early surgery versus conservative treatment in patients with traumatic intracerebral hematoma: a CENTER-TBI study

Inge A. M. van Erp, Thomas A. van Essen, Hester Lingsma, Dana Pisica, Ranjit D. Singh, Jeroen T. J. M. van Dijck, Victor Volovici, Angelos Kolias, Lianne D. Peppel, Majanka Heijenbrok-Kal, Gerard M. Ribbers, David K. Menon, Peter Hutchinson, Bart Depreitere, Ewout W. Steyerberg, Andrew I. R. Maas, Godard C. W. de Ruiter, Wilco C. Peul

Original Article

Modified Puerto Rico Recurrence Scale for chronic subdural hematomas: augmenting the grading scale with postoperative pneumocephalus volume

Giancarlo Mignucci-Jiménez, Alejandro J. Matos-Cruz, Grant Koskay, Sahin Hanalioglu, Nicolas I. Gonzalez-Romo, Yuan Xu, Melissa S. Kovacs, Mark C. Preul, Caleb E. Feliciano-Valls

Original Article

The initial intracranial pressure spike phenomenon

Francesco Magni, Sogha Khawari, Anand Pandit, Eleanor M. Moncur, Laurence Watkins, Ahmed Toma, Lewis Thorne

Original Article

ICP during head movement: significance of the venous system

Sogha Khawari, Alaa Al-Mohammad, Anand Pandit, Eleanor Moncur, Matthew James Bancroft, Kanza Tariq, Peter Cowley, Laurence Watkins, Ahmed Toma

Technical Note

Novel freehand frontal ventriculostomy in the supraorbital keyhole approach: technical note

Anand Kumar Das, Saraj Kumar Singh, Suraj Kant Mani

Original Article

Construction and validation of infection risk model for patients with external ventricular drainage: a multicenter retrospective study

Peng Wang, Shuang Luo, Shuwen Cheng, Min Gong, Jie Zhang, Ruofei Liang, Weichao Ma, Yaxin Li, Yanhui Liu

How I Do it

How I do it: brainwashing for purulent ventriculitis

Jean Eduardo de Sousa Carvalho Dezena, Christian Luiz Baptista Gerbelli, Tiago Kiyoshi Kitabayashi Braga, Matheus Fernando Manzolli Ballestero

Review Article

CSF hypersecretion versus impaired CSF absorption in posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus: a systematic review

Shai David Ben-Shoshan, Sara Diana Lolansen, Tiit Illimar Mathiesen, Nanna MacAulay

How I Do it

Neuronavigated foraminoplasty, shunt removal, and endoscopic third ventriculostomy in a 54-year-old patient with third shunt malfunction episode: how I do it

José Javier Guil-Ibáñez, Tesifón Parrón-Carreño, Leandro Saucedo, José Masegosa-González

Editorial (by Invitation)

Clinical studies and research integrity

Tiit Mathiesen

Open Access Original Article - Vascular Neurosurgery - Aneurysm

Should individual timeline and serial CT/MRI panels of all patients be presented in acute brain insult cohorts? A pilot study of 45 patients with decompressive craniectomy after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Anniina H. Autio, Juho Paavola, Joona Tervonen, Maarit Lång, Terhi J. Huuskonen, Jukka Huttunen, Virve Kärkkäinen, Mikael von Und Zu Fraunberg, Antti E. Lindgren, Timo Koivisto, Jouni Kurola, Juha E. Jääskeläinen, Olli-Pekka Kämäräinen

Open Access Original Article

The impact of pre-ictal statin use on vasospasm and outcome in aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

S. Andersen, E. Western, W. Sorteberg, A. Sorteberg

Open Access Original Article

Immunoliposomes for detection of rupture-prone intracranial aneurysms

Behnam Rezai Jahromi, Vladimir Zamotin, Christian Code, Eliisa Netti, Martina B. Lorey, Kari Alitalo, Katariina Öörni, Aki Laakso, Riikka Tulamo, Mika Niemelä

Original Article

Exploring the network effects of deep brain stimulation for rapid eye movement sleep behavior disorder in Parkinson’s disease

Guangrui Zhao, Yifeng Cheng, Min Wang, Yuzhang Wu, Jingtao Yan, Keke Feng, Shaoya Yin

Original Article

Complications of deep brain stimulation in Parkinson’s disease: a single-center experience of 517 consecutive cases

Domenico Servello, Tommaso Francesco Galbiati, Guglielmo Iess, Brigida Minafra, Mauro Porta, Claudio Pacchetti

Original Article

Pituitary surgery outcome in patients 75 years and older: a retrospective study

Marta Garvayo, Chiara Villa, Anne Jouinot, Mahmoud Messerer, Vincent Reina, Mirella Hage, Marie-Laure Raffin-Sanson, Carine Courtillot, Anne Bachelot, Peter Kamenicky, Philippe Chanson, Camille Vatier, Sophie Christin-Maitre, Jérôme Bertherat, Guillaume Assié, Stephan Gaillard, Bertrand Baussart

Open Access Original Article

Reliability of intraoperative visual evoked potentials (iVEPs) in monitoring visual function during endoscopic transsphenoidal surgery

Pier Paolo Mattogno, Quintino Giorgio D’Alessandris, Mario Rigante, Giuseppe Granata, Michele Di Domenico, Valerio Perotti, Nicola Montano, Martina Giordano, Sabrina Chiloiro, Francesco Doglietto, Alessandro Olivi, Liverana Lauretti

Original Article

The “candy wrapper” of the pituitary gland: a road map to the parasellar ligaments and the medial wall of the cavernous sinus

Simona Serioli, Pedro Plou, Luciano C. P. C. Leonel, Stephen Graepel, Barbara Buffoli, Rita Rezzani, Marco Maria Fontanella, Pietro Luigi Poliani, Francesco Doglietto, Michael J. Link, Carlos D. Pinheiro-Neto, Maria Peris-Celda

Original Article

Extreme lateral infracondylar approach for internal jugular vein compression syndrome: A case series with preliminary clinical outcomes

Kaiyun Yang, Kevin Shah, Sabrina L. Begley, Giyarpuram Prashant, Timothy White, Peter Costantino, Athos Patsalides, Sheng-Fu Larry Lo, Amir R. Dehdashti

How I Do it

Combined and staged retrosigmoid, extended middle fossa, and endoscopic transnasal approach to a petroclival chondrosarcoma: how I do it

Robert C. Rennert, Karol P. Budohoski, Vance R. Mortimer, William T. Couldwell

How I Do it

The sub-occipital transtentorial approach for pineal region tumors: how I do it

Pierre-Aurélien Beuriat, Alexandru Szathmari, Federico Di Rocco, Carmine Mottolese

How I Do It - Neurosurgical Technique Evaluation

Subfascial dissection and extended temporal muscle detachment for middle fossa approach

Guilherme Finger, Vivian F. Kaul, Oliver F. Adunka, Daniel M. Prevedello

Open Access Original Article

Outcome of posterior decompression for spinal epidural lipomatosis

Michael Schmutzer-Sondergeld, Hanna Zimmermann, Raimund Trabold, Thomas Liebig, Christian Schichor, Sebastian Siller

Open Access Original Article

Dorsal column mapping in resection of intramedullary spinal cord tumors: a prospective comparison of two methods and neurological follow-up

Moritz Ueberschaer, Katharina Breitkopf, Sebastian Siller, Sophie Katzendobler, Jonathan Weller, Tobias Greve, Stefan Zausinger, Joerg-Christian Tonn, Andrea Szelenyi

Original Article

Poor patient-reported mental health correlates with inferior patient-reported outcome measures following cervical disc replacement

Keith R. MacGregor, Timothy J. Hartman, James W. Nie, Eileen Zheng, Omolabake O. Oyetayo, Dustin H. Massel, Arash J. Sayari, Kern Singh

Open Access Original Article

Health-related quality of life 2 years after pedicle subtraction osteotomy for sagittal imbalance: a single-center experience of 65 patients

Pierre-Pascal Girod, Sara Lener, Nikolaus Kögl, Sebastian Hartmann, Anto Abramovic, Laura Krismer, Markus Santer, Martin Ortler, Claudius Thomé


Correction to: The influence of lunar phases and zodiac sign ‘Leo’ on perioperative complications and outcome in elective spine surgery

Holger Joswig, Martin N. Stienen, Carolin Hock, Gerhard Hildebrandt, Werner Surbeck

Original Article

Effect of baseline veterans RAND-12 physical composite score on postoperative patient-reported outcome measures following lateral lumbar interbody fusion

Omolabake O. Oyetayo, James W. Nie, Timothy J. Hartman, Keith R. MacGregor, Eileen Zheng, Fatima N. Anwar, Andrea M. Roca, Vincent P. Federico, Dustin H. Massel, Gregory D. Lopez, Arash J. Sayari, Kern Singh

Review Article

What is new in intraneural perineurioma?

Karina A. Lenartowicz, Brandon W. Smith, Megan M. Jack, Thomas J. Wilson, Christopher J. Klein, Kimberly K. Amrami, Robert J. Spinner

Technical Note

7T for clinical imaging of benign peripheral nerve tumors: preliminary results

Kimberly K. Amrami, Venkata V. Chebrolu, Joel P. Felmlee, Matthew A. Frick, Garret M. Powell, Tomas Marek, Benjamin M. Howe, Andrew J. Fagan, Peter D. Kollasch, Robert J. Spinner

Letter to the Editor (by Invitation)

The usefulness of ultrasound in iatrogenic nerve injuries. Letter in response to the paper by Carlson Strother et al. “Surgical management of peroneal nerve injuries.” – Reply

Courtney Carlson Strother, Lauren E. Dittman, Robert J. Spinner, Allen T. Bishop, Alexander Y. Shin

Letter to the editor

The usefulness of ultrasound in iatrogenic nerve injuries. Letter in response to the paper by Carlson Strother et al. “Surgical management of peroneal nerve injuries”

Giulia Mauro, Daniele Coraci, Federica Gottardello, Maria Chiara Maccarone, Stefano Masiero

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