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Acta Neurochirurgica

Ausgabe 9/2023

Inhalt (47 Artikel)


Juha Hernesniemi 1947–2023 Obituary

Juha E. Jääskeläinen, Mika Niemelä, Mikael von Und Zu Fraunberg, Jaakko Rinne

Open Access Review Article

The use of hybrid operating rooms in neurosurgery, advantages, disadvantages, and future perspectives: a systematic review

Maria Gharios, Victor Gabriel El-Hajj, Henrik Frisk, Marcus Ohlsson, Artur Omar, Erik Edström, Adrian Elmi-Terander

Letter to the Editor (by Invitation)

Response to Letter to the Editor (ANCH-D-23-00219): Chronic subdural hematoma: time for an evidence-based surgical treatment

Andreas Bartley, Tobias Hallén, Magnus Tisell

Original Article

Hinge craniotomy versus standard decompressive hemicraniectomy: an experimental preclinical comparative study

Antonio Biroli, Valentina Bignotti, Pietro Biroli, Barbara Buffoli, Francesco A. Rasulo, Francesco Doglietto, Rita Rezzani, Alessandro Fiorindi, Marco M. Fontanella, Francesco Belotti

Letter to the editor - Brain trauma

Decompressive craniectomy: keep it simple!

Nathan Beucler, Arnaud Dagain

Open Access Original Article

Cerebral perfusion changes in acute subdural hematoma

J. Winkler, G. S. Piedade, C. Rubbert, B. B. Hofmann, M. A. Kamp, P. J. Slotty

Open Access Original Article

Intracranial lesion features in moderate-to-severe traumatic brain injury: relation to neurointensive care variables and clinical outcome

Teodor Svedung Wettervik, Anders Hånell, Per Enblad, Anders Lewén

Original Article

Inflammatory human leucocyte antigen genotypes are not a risk factor in chronic subdural hematoma development

Thorbjørn Søren Rønn Jensen, Kåre Fugleholm, Claus Thorn Ekstrøm, Helle Bruunsgaard

Open Access Original Article

The anterolateral triangle as window on the foramen lacerum from transorbital corridor: anatomical study and technical nuances

Sergio Corvino, Daniele Armocida, Martina Offi, Giovanni Pennisi, Benedetta Burattini, Andres Villareal Mondragon, Felice Esposito, Luigi Maria Cavallo, Matteo de Notaris

Original Article

Anatomical step-by-step dissection of common approaches to the third ventricle for trainees: surgical anatomy of the anterior transcortical and interhemispheric transcallosal approaches, surgical principles, and illustrative pediatric cases

Danielle D. Dang, Julian S. Rechberger, Luciano C. P. C. Leonel, Rima S. Rindler, Cody L. Nesvick, Stephen Graepel, Michael J. Link, David J. Daniels, Maria Peris Celda

Open Access Original Article

Nuclear translocation of beta catenin in patients with Rathke cleft cysts—clinical and imaging characteristics and risk of recurrence

Michael Schmutzer, Jun Thorsteinsdottir, Jonathan Weller, Walter Rachinger, Christian Schichor, Niklas Thon, Moritz Ueberschaer

Open Access Review Article

Influence of gender and sexual hormones on outcomes after pituitary surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Sven Theiler, Saskia Hegetschweiler, Victor E. Staartjes, Antonio Spinello, Giovanna Brandi, Luca Regli, Carlo Serra

Original Article

Oncological, cognitive, and employment outcomes in a series of patients with IDH-mutated glioma resected following neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Marco Bursi, Claudia Rizzo, Marion Barberis, Isabelle Poisson, Jacqueline Lehman-Che, Homa Adle-Biassette, Sébastien Froelich, Emmanuel Mandonnet

Open Access Case Report - Brain Tumors

Two cases of SMA syndrome after neurosurgical injury to the frontal aslant tract

Kevin Agyemang, Anna Rose, Mustafa El Sheikh, Mutiu Asha, Emanuela Molinari, Natasha E. Fullerton, David Brennan, Athanasios Grivas

Open Access Original Article

The molecular diagnostic yield of frame-based stereotactic biopsies in the age of precision neuro-oncology: a cross-sectional study

Obada T. Alhalabi, Felix Sahm, Andreas W. Unterberg, Martin Jakobs

Letter to the Editor (by Invitation)

A timeline of cognitive functioning in glioma patients who undergo awake brain tumor surgery: a response to Mahajan et al. and their letter to the editor

A. M. de Sain, M. J. E. van Zandvoort, M. H. M. Mantione, I. M. C. Huenges Wajer, P. W. A. Willems, P. A. Robe, C. Ruis

Letter to the editor

Cognitive assessment during awake brain tumor surgery

Aman Mahajan, Charu Mahajan, Hemanshu Prabhakar

Open Access Original Article

Awake craniotomy does not lead to increased psychological complaints

I. M. C. Huenges Wajer, J. Kal, P. A. Robe, M. J. E. van Zandvoort, C. Ruis

How I Do it

Fluorescein-guided resection of a left frontal pre-rolandic cerebral metastasis: how I do it

Francesco Acerbi, Morgan Broggi, Paolo Ferroli, Jacopo Falco

Open Access How I Do it

Robot-assisted endoscopic third ventriculostomy under intraoperative CT imaging guidance

Angela Elia, Luca Paun, Johan Pallud, Marc Zanello

Original Article

Slope until reaching the plateau: a new predictor of valve response obtained by lumbar infusion test for idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus

Alvaro Otero-Rodriguez, Daniel Angel Arandia-Guzman, Daniel Pascual-Argente, Laura Ruiz-Martin, Juan-Carlos Roa-Montes de Oca, Andoni Garcia-Martin, Luis Torres-Carretero, Rocio Uriel-Lavin, Patricia-Alejandra Garrido-Ruiz, Disney Rodriguez-Cedeño, Laura Cid-Mendes

Open Access Original Article

Retrospective comparison of long-term functionality and revision rate of two different shunt valves in pediatric and adult patients

Lewin-Caspar Busse, Daniel Dubinski, Florian Gessler, Nazife Dinc, Jürgen Konczalla, Marcus Czabanka, Christian Senft, Thomas M. Freiman, Peter Baumgarten

Open Access Original Article

Long-term follow-up and comparison of programmable and non-programmable ventricular cerebrospinal fluid shunts among adult patients with different hydrocephalus etiologies: a retrospective cohort study

Kuan-Hung Chen, Peng-Wei Hsu, Bo-Chang Wu, Po-Hsun Tu, Yu-Chi Wang, Cheng-Chi Lee, Yin-Cheng Huang, Ching-Chang Chen, Chi-Cheng Chuang, Zhuo-Hao Liu

How I Do it - Neurosurgical technique evaluation

Microscope neuronavigation-guided microsurgical fenestration of quadrigeminal cistern arachnoid cysts: how I do it

Luca Campagnaro, Camilla Bonaudo, Federico Capelli, Alessandro Della Puppa

Original Article

Long-term outcome after surgery for middle cluneal nerve entrapment neuropathy

Takato Tajiri, Kyongsong Kim, Toyohiko Isu, Takao Kitamura, Fumiaki Fujihara, Juntaro Matsumoto, Masanori Isobe, Hiroshi Abe

Original Article

Surgical management of peroneal nerve injuries

Courtney Carlson Strother, Lauren E. Dittman, Robert J. Spinner, Allen T. Bishop, Alexander Y. Shin

Original Article

Tibial intraneural ganglion cysts at the superior tibiofibular joint treated with joint resection alone: a proof of concept

Karina Lenartowicz, B. Matthew Howe, Kimberly K. Amrami, Nicholas M. Desy, Matthew T. Houdek, Robert J. Spinner

Original Article

The diagnostic utility of inspiratory-expiratory radiography for the assessment of phrenic nerve palsy associated with brachial plexus injury

Christopher S. Crowe, Nicholas Pulos, Robert J. Spinner, Allen T. Bishop, Dennis A. Wigle, Alexander Y. Shin

Open Access Original Article

Anatomic trajectory for iliac screw placement adapts better to the morphological features of the pelvis of each individual than the S2 alar iliac screw: a radiological study

Luis Álvarez Galovich, Julia Montoya Bordón, Irantzu Castelbon Blanco, Alejandro Peiro, Charles Louis Mengis, Ángel R. Piñera, Félix Tomé-Bermejo, Jesus Gallego

Original Article

Preoperative predictors of prolonged hospitalization in patients undergoing lateral lumbar interbody fusion

James W. Nie, Timothy J. Hartman, Keith R. MacGregor, Omolabake O. Oyetayo, Eileen Zheng, Vincent P. Federico, Dustin H. Massel, Arash J. Sayari, Kern Singh

Original Article

Time to achievement of minimum clinically important difference after lumbar decompression

James W. Nie, Vincent P. Federico, Timothy J. Hartman, Eileen Zheng, Omolabake O. Oyetayo, Keith R. MacGregor, Dustin H. Massel, Arash J. Sayari, Kern Singh

Open Access Original Article

Spinal fusion for single-level SPECT/CT positive lumbar degenerative disc disease: the SPINUS I study

Radek Kaiser, Michal Varga, Otto Lang, Petr Waldauf, Petr Vaněk, Karel Saur, Vladimír Beneš, David Netuka

Original Article

Biportal endoscopic discectomy versus tubular microscopic discectomy for treating single-level lumbar disc herniation in obese patients: a multicenter, retrospective analysis

Jun-Young Choi, Hyun-Jin Park, Sang-Min Park, Ki-Han You, Min-Seok Kang, Jae-Yeon Hwang, Joon-Hyeok Yoon, Ho-Joong Kim, Jin S. Yeom

Mini-review (by Invitation)

Early surgical intervention for acute spinal cord injury: time is spine

Ayesha Quddusi, Karlo M. Pedro, Mohammed Ali Alvi, Nader Hejrati, Michael G. Fehlings

Review Article

In-hospital mortality rate in subaxial cervical spinal cord injury patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Mohsen Sadeghi-Naini, Mahmoud Yousefifard, Zahra Ghodsi, Amir Azarhomayoun, Fatemeh Kermanian, Mehdi Golpayegani, Seyed Danial Alizadeh, Mostafa Hosseini, Farhad Shokraneh, Khalil Komlakh, Alexander R. Vaccaro, Fan Jiang, Michael G. Fehlings, Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar

Open Access Original Article

Adverse events in spine surgery: a prospective analysis at a large tertiary center in Germany

Pavlina Lenga, Philip Dao Trong, Vassilios Papakonstantinou, Karl Kiening, Andreas W. Unterberg, Basem Ishak

Open Access Case Report

An unusual cause of chronic neuropathic pain: report of a case of multiple intradural spinal arachnoid cysts and review of the literature

Victor Gabriel El-Hajj, Erik Edström, Adrian Elmi-Terander, Alexander Fletcher-Sandersjöö

Open Access Case Report

Unique form of catheter malconnection following intrathecal baclofen surgery for spinal cord injury: a case report

Raoul J. Koopmans, Carel G. M. Meskers, Vincent de Groot, K. Mariam Slot

How I Do it

Da Vinci robotic-assisted anterolateral lumbar arthrodesis: operative technique

Stanislas Loniewski, Kaissar Farah, Serguei Malikov, Stéphane Fuentes

How I Do it

How I do it: the biportal endoscopic inclined-ipsilateral technique to decompress the lumbar lateral recess

Javier Quillo-Olvera, Michelle Barrera-Arreola, Javier Quillo-Reséndiz, Diego Quillo-Olvera

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