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Intensive Care Medicine

Ausgabe 4/2023

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Systematic Review

High-level burnout in physicians and nurses working in adult ICUs: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Laurent Papazian, Sami Hraiech, Anderson Loundou, Margaret S. Herridge, Laurent Boyer


Daily point-of-care ultrasound-assessment of central venous catheter-related thrombosis in critically ill patients: a prospective multicenter study

Chunshuang Wu, Mao Zhang, Wenjie Gu, Caimu Wang, Xudong Zheng, Junfeng Zhang, Xingwen Zhang, Shijin Lv, Xuwei He, Xiaoyuan Shen, Wenlong Wei, Guotao Wang, Yingru Lu, Qingli Chen, Renfei Shan, Lingcong Wang, Feng Wu, Ting Shen, Xuebo Shao, Jiming Cai, Fuzheng Tao, Haiying Cai, Qin Lu, Chunshuang Wu, Mao Zhang, Wenjie Gu, Hong Liu, Qin Lu, Caimu Wang, Qijiang Chen, Weili Hong, Xudong Zheng, Junfeng Zhang, Zhiping Huang, Xingwen Zhang, Luping Wang, Shijin Lv, Dengpan Lai, Xuwei He, Ning Zhang, Qingli Chen, Xiaoyuan Shen, Lujiao Mo, Wenlong Wei, Yunchao Shi, Guotao Wang, Wansheng Li, Yingru Lu, Qin Chen, Renfei Shan, Jie Qin, Lingcong Wang, Chen Zhu, Feng Wu, Binbin Wu, Ting Shen, Lifeng Wu, Xuebo Shao, Weidong Tang, Qingyu Wang, Shaoyi Xu, Fuzheng Tao, Weiting Chen, Haiying Cai, Guojuan Ding, Tao Zhang, Qunjie Pan, Bei Tang, Jianbo Gao, Laifa Kong, Jinyan Fang, Junzhong Ke, Zhaohui Ji


Haloperidol vs. placebo for the treatment of delirium in ICU patients: a pre-planned, secondary Bayesian analysis of the AID–ICU trial

Nina C. Andersen-Ranberg, Lone Musaeus Poulsen, Anders Perner, Johanna Hästbacka, Matthew Morgan, Giuseppe Citerio, Marie Oxenbøll Collet, Sven-Olaf Weber, Anne Sofie Andreasen, Morten Bestle, Bülent Uslu, Helle Scharling Pedersen, Louise Gramstrup Nielsen, Kjeld Damgaard, Troels Bek Jensen, Trine Sommer, Nilanjan Dey, Ole Mathiesen, Anders Granholm

Open Access Original

Argumentation in end-of-life conversations with families in Dutch intensive care units: a qualitative observational study

Aranka Akkermans, Sanne Prins, Amber S. Spijkers, Jean Wagemans, Nanon H. M. Labrie, Dick L. Willems, Marcus J. Schultz, Thomas G. V. Cherpanath, Job B. M. van Woensel, Marc van Heerde, Anton H. van Kaam, Moniek van de Loo, Anne Stiggelbout, Ellen M. A. Smets, Mirjam A. de Vos


Catheter-related thromboses in critically ill patients: are they worth looking for?

Julie Helms, Antoine Kimmoun, Laurent Bertoletti

Open Access LETTER

W(h)at(t) counts in electricity consumption in the intensive care unit

Hendrik Drinhaus, Christine Schumacher, Jorrit Drinhaus, Wolfgang A. Wetsch

What's New in Intensive Care

Create intensive care green teams, there is no time to waste

Louise Trent, Joanna Law, David Grimaldi

Recent Advances in ICU

A continuum of communication: family centred care at the end of life in the intensive care unit

Nancy Kentish-Barnes, Stephanie Meddick-Dyson

Recent Advances in ICU

Out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

Jerry P. Nolan, Katherine M. Berg, Janet E. Bray

What's New in Intensive Care

Neuromonitoring for prognostication under ECMO

Soojin Park, Chiara Robba, Romain Sonneville

What's New in Intensive Care

Double sequential external defibrillation for refractory ventricular fibrillation

Sheldon Cheskes, Shelley McLeod, Damon C. Scales

What's New In Intensive Care

Helmet trials: resolving the puzzle

Yaseen M. Arabi, Bhakti K. Patel, Massimo Antonelli

Open Access Understanding the Disease

Targeted immunomodulation: a primer for intensivists

Malou Janssen, Henrik Endeman, Lieuwe D. J. Bos

Open Access Understanding the disease

Mechanical power: meaning, uses and limitations

Luciano Gattinoni, Francesca Collino, Luigi Camporota

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

Evolution of purpura fulminans

Damien Contou, Maud Pichon, Olivier Pajot, Gaëtan Plantefève

Imaging in Intensive Care Medicine

Acute respiratory failure from an obstructive fibrinous tracheal pseudomembrane

Xiqian Xing, Lihui Zhang, Zeqin Fan, Jiao Yang


Intracranial pressure monitoring devices compatibility with magnetic resonance imaging

Russell Chabanne, Laurent Gergele, Yoann Launey

Open Access Correspondence

Individualised dosing of antibiotics in ICU patients: timing, target and model selection matter

Uwe Liebchen, Josef Briegel, Alexander Brinkmann, Otto Frey, Sebastian G. Wicha


Individualised dosing of antibiotics in ICU patients: timing, target and model selection matter. Author’s reply

Tim M. J. Ewoldt, Alan Abdulla, Anouk E. Muller, Henrik Endeman, Birgit C. P. Koch


Relationship of multidrug-resistant bacterial colonization and immune status of patients in the ICU

Uei-Tai Cheng, Ching-Yao Tsai, Charles Liao, Nin-Chieh Hsu

From the Inside

The certainty of parental love vs. the uncertainty of a “best” decision

Tanya Haj - Hassan, Briseida Mema

From the Inside

Burnout syndrome in healthcare providers: a preventable disease

Elie Azoulay, Olivier Lescale


Obituary and tribute to Professor J. Randall Curtis (Randy)

Elie Azoulay, Kateřina Rusinova, Nancy Kentish-Barnes

Retraction Note

Retraction Note: Point-of-care (POC) measurement of coagulation after cardiac surgery

J. Boldt, G. Walz, J. Triem, S. Suttner, B. Kumle

Retraction Note

Retraction Note: Does coagulation differ between elderly and younger patients undergoing cardiac surgery?

Joachim Boldt, Günther Haisch, Bernhard Kumle, Christian Brosch, Andreas Lehmann, Christiane Werling

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