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Open Access 02.02.2023 | Original Research

Missing data imputation techniques for wireless continuous vital signs monitoring

Wireless vital signs sensors are increasingly used for remote patient monitoring, but data analysis is often challenged by missing data periods. This study explored the performance of various imputation techniques for continuous vital signs …

28.01.2023 | Original Research

Associations of an eye-tracking task and pupillary metrics with age and ASA physical status score in a preoperative cohort

Advanced age, American Society of Anesthesiologists physical status (ASA) classification and the presence of cognitive impairment are associated with an elevated risk of postoperative morbidity and mortality. The visual paired comparison (VPC) …

Open Access 21.01.2023 | COVID-19 | Original Research

Agreement between pulse oximetry and arterial oxygen saturation measurement in critical care patients during COVID-19: a cross-sectional study

Some publications suggest that pulse oximetry measurement (SpO2) might overestimate arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2) measurement in COVID-19 patients. This study aims to evaluate the agreement between SpO2 and SaO2 among COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 …

17.01.2023 | Original Research

Effects of infusion tubing line lengths and syringe sizes on infusion system compliance: an experimental study using a syringe-type infusion pump at low flow rate

Ideally, the flow delivery of an infusion system is proportional only to the rate of mechanical actuation of the syringe pump plunger. However, in the real world, overall infusion system compliance may be affected by components such as an …

13.01.2023 | Original Research

Intradural extramedullary tumor location in the axial view affects the alert timing of intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring

Objective: Intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring (IONM) reportedly helps prevent postoperative neurological complications following high-risk spinal cord surgeries. There are negative and positive reports about using IONM for intradural …

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The Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge and clinical information through the rapid, accurate publication of empirical clinical studies, case reports, didactic tutorial reviews of monitoring techniques and novel methods, reports of societal meetings, and issues relating to clinical aspects of monitoring, as well as evaluations of monitoring equipment, instrumentation and technology, progress in biotechnology , computer and E-learning technologies applied to anesthesia and critical care medicine.

It is intended for clinicians and researchers in all fields of clinical and surgical monitoring, including anesthesiology, intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring, neurointensive monitoring, neurology, clinical neurophysiology, cardiology, audiology, critical care, physical therapy, obstetrics and perinatology, surgery, clinical and biomedical engineering, computer applications and E-learning.

Journal of Clinical Monitoring and Computing
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