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06.03.2019 | Original Paper

The Relationship Between Client Regulatory Focus and Treatment Use Intentions, Attitudes, Credibility Beliefs, and Outcome Expectations for Psychotherapy

Client variables in psychotherapy have been shown to play an important role in psychotherapy, explaining a significant amount of variance in treatment engagement, the therapeutic alliance, and psychotherapy outcomes; however, little is known about …

06.03.2019 | Original Paper

The Therapists’ Training and Their Attitudes Towards Therapy as Predictors of Therapeutic Interventions

Previous results have demonstrated that psychotherapists working in a practice setting have a relatively low treatment adherence, regardless of the therapy school to which they were affiliated. The objective of this study was to investigate …

26.02.2019 | Book Review

John C. Norcross and Gary R. VanderBos: Leaving It at the Office: A Guide to Psychotherapist’s Self-Care (2nd ed.)

The Guilford Press, New York City, 2018, 276 pp., $25.50

11.02.2019 | Original Paper

Metacognitive Therapy in Patients with Tinnitus: a Single Group Study

Tinnitus is often in comorbidity with anxiety and depression, and several authors have proposed a reduced efficiency of the top-down executive control in its perception. This single-group study describes a novel application of the metacognitive …

11.02.2019 | Original Paper Open Access

Constructions of Nonagency in the Clients’ Initial Problem Formulations at the Outset of Psychotherapy

This multiple case study investigated how clients construct nonagentic positions when formulating their problems in the beginning of their first psychotherapy session. The initial problem formulations of nine clients entering psychotherapy were …

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The Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy provides an international forum to explore the complexities and controversies facing psychotherapists. The journal publishes original peer-reviewed articles that critically analyze theory, research, or clinical practice. In addition, it offers empirical studies, panel discussions, essays, case studies, brief reports, and theoretical articles. Psychotherapists and clinical researchers will find this journal an important vehicle to review the challenges of treating a variety of patients.

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