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Journal of Digital Imaging

Journal of Digital Imaging 3/2005

Ausgabe 3/2005

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 10 Artikel )

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Establishing a Web-Based DICOM Teaching File Authoring Tool Using Open-Source Public Software

Wen-Jeng Lee M.D., Chung-Yi Yang M.D., Kao-Lang Liu M.D., Hon-Man Liu M.D., Yu-Tai Ching Ph.D., Shyh-Jye Chen M.D.

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Conceptual Approach for the Design of Radiology Reporting Interfaces: The Talking Template

Chris L. Sistrom M.D.

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Managing the CT Data Explosion: Initial Experiences of Archiving Volumetric Datasets in a Mini-PACS

Kyoung Ho Lee M.D., Hak Jong Lee M.D., Jae Hyoung Kim M.D., Heung Sik Kang M.D., Kyung Won Lee M.D., Helen Hong Ph.D., Ho Jun Chin M.D., Kyoo Seob Ha M.D.

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Incorporating Out-Patient Data From CD-R Into the Local PACS Using DICOM Worklist Features

P. M. A. van Ooijen, J. Guignot, G. Mevel, M. Oudkerk

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Department of Defense Picture Archiving and Communication System Acceptance Testing: Results and Identification of Problem Components

Scott A. Allison M.D., Clifford F. Sweet M.D., Douglas P. Beall M.D., Thomas E. Lewis MBE, Thomas Monroe MSGT, USAF

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Solution for Nonuniformities and Spatial Noise in Medical LCD Displays by Using Pixel-Based Correction

Tom Kimpe, Albert Xthona, Paul Matthijs, Lode De Paepe

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Functional Cluster Analysis of CT Perfusion Maps: A New Tool for Diagnosis of Acute Stroke?

Christian Baumgartner Ph.D., Kurt Gautsch M.D., Christian Böhm Ph.D., Stephan Felber M.D.

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Effect of Breast Density on Computer Aided Detection

Ansgar Malich M.D., Dorothee R. Fischer M.D., Mirjam Facius M.D., Alexander Petrovitch M.D., Joachim Boettcher M.D., Christiane Marx M.D., Andreas Hansch M.D., Werner A. Kaiser M.D.

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Automatic Estimation of Orientation and Position of Spine in Digitized X-rays using Mathematical Morphology

V. P. Dinesh Kumar M.Sc., Tessamma Thomas Ph.D.

01.09.2005 | Ausgabe 3/2005

Image Quality Assurance in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial Network of the National Lung Screening Trial

Stephen M. Moore M.S., David S. Gierada M.D., Kenneth W. Clark M.S., G. James Blaine D.Sc., PLCO-NLST Quality Assurance Working Group*

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