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European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology

Ausgabe 12/2023

Inhalt (56 Artikel)

Review Article

Comparison of temporalis muscle fascia and cartilage grafts for primary type 1 tympanoplasty: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials

Ghassan Bin Lajdam, Rana A. Alahmadi, Mohammed Alhakami, Abdullah A. Ghaddaf, Ahmed S. Abdulhamid, Asma Alahmadi, Yassin Abdelsamad, Abdulrahman Hagr

Review Article

Characteristics of sudden hearing loss after different COVID-19 vaccinations: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Khaled Albakri, Omar Ahmed Abdelwahab, Mohamed Diaa Gabra, Mohamed H. Nafady, Yasmeen Jamal Alabdallat, Ahmed Soliman, Shirin Cadri, Balqees Hanaqtah, Ebraheem Albazee

Review Article

Functional outcomes of soft palate reconstruction after oncologic surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Armando De Virgilio, Elisa Bellini, Gian Marco Pace, Andrea Costantino, Bianca Maria Festa, Andrea Iandelli, Elena Russo, Claudio Sampieri, Giorgio Peretti, Giuseppe Spriano, Filippo Marchi

Review Article

Is adenotonsillectomy effective in improving central apnea events in patients with obstructive sleep apnea? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Nasser Almutairi, Waleed Alshareef, Latifah Almakoshi, Abdulmajeed Zakzouk, Abdullah Aljasser, Ahmed Alammar

Review Article

Current evidence on diagnosis and treatment of parotid gland lymphomas: a systematic review

Davide Di Santo, Chiara Bramati, Bianca Maria Festa, Gian Marco Pace, Lara Valentina Comini, Paolo Luparello, Eliano Cascardi, Danilo Galizia, Andrea Galli, Armando De Virgilio, Leone Giordano, Stefano Bondi


Hearing handicaps, communication difficulties and depression in the older adults: a comparison of hearing aid users and non-users

Elham Tavanai, Mohammad Ehsan Khalili, Zahra Shahidipour, Shohreh Jalaie, Mansoureh Adel Ghahraman, Nematollah Rouhbakhsh, Vida Rahimi

Open Access Otology

MRI surveillance after translabyrinthine vestibular schwannoma resection and cochlear implantation: is it feasible?

Valerie Dahm, Ursula Schwarz-Nemec, Michael A. Arnoldner, Rudolfs Liepins, Alice B. Auinger, Christian Matula, Christoph Arnoldner

Open Access Otology

Validity and reliability of the Niigata PPPD Questionnaire in a Western population

Rodrigo Castillejos-Carrasco-Muñoz, Ana Belén Peinado-Rubia, Miguel Ángel Lérida-Ortega, Alfonso Javier Ibáñez-Vera, María Cruz Tapia-Toca, Rafael Lomas-Vega


Secondary perichondrium patch to enhance cartilage graft during endoscopic cartilage myringoplasty

Bing Wang, Jin Zang, Qimei Yang, Hui Liu, Min Xu, Wen Zhang

Open Access Otology

Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness (PPPD) and quality of life: a cross-sectional study

Malin Herwander Steensnaes, Mari Kalland Knapstad, Frederik Kragerud Goplen, Jan Erik Berge

Open Access Otology

Personal experience with the remote check telehealth in cochlear implant users: from COVID-19 emergency to routine service

Marco Carner, Luca Bianconi, Gianfranco Fulco, Gennaro Confuorto, Davide Soloperto, Gabriele Molteni, Luca Sacchetto


Evaluation of auditory brainstem implant (ABI) users’ auditory behavior in everyday life

Merve Ozses, Merve Ozbal Batuk, Betül Cicek Cinar

Open Access Otology

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 2 study of intratympanic OTO-313 in patients with moderate to severe subjective tinnitus

Grant D. Searchfield, James M. Robinson, David Skarinsky, Yiwei Wang, Jeffery J. Anderson


Prognostic factors in pediatric cochlear implant: an outcome-based study

Seyedeh Fatemeh Mahmoudi Hashemi, Mohsen Rajati, Razieh Yousefi, Mohammad Mahdi Ghasemi, Hamid Tayarani, Mohammad Reza Tale

Open Access Otology

Self-reported dizziness, falls, and self-rated health in a rural population in Denmark

Casper Grønlund, Bjarki Ditlev Djurhuus, Ellen Astrid Holm, Preben Homøe


An evaluation of the test–retest reliability of the functional head impulse test in healthy young adults

Gulce Kirazli, Tugba Emekci, Feyza Inceoglu, Pelin Pistav Akmese, Nese Celebisoy


Heterogeneity in the definition of chronic rhinosinusitis disease control: a systematic review of the scientific literature

Ayad Ali, Damilola R. Fakunle, Victor Yu, Sean McDermott, Melissa J. Previtera, Josh C. Meier, Katie M. Phillips, Ahmad R. Sedaghat


Recreating the microscopic direct access Draf 2a frontal sinusotomy in the endoscopic era and comparison to an angled instrument approach

Andrea Sit, Kachorn Seresirikachorn, Alexander S. Zhang, João Mangussi-Gomes, Dichapong Kanjanawasee, Lu Hui Png, Larry Kalish, Raewyn G. Campbell, Raquel Alvarado, Richard J. Harvey


Detection of microplastics in patients with allergic rhinitis

Ayşegül Tuna, Burak M. Taş, Gökben Başaran Kankılıç, Furkan M. Koçak, Ziya Şencan, Ela Cömert, Nuray Bayar Muluk, Birgül Kaçmaz, Serdar Gül, Eftal Böke


Extended sphenoidotomy combined with transpterygoid approach for sphenoidal sinus inverted papilloma

Alessandro Vinciguerra, Jean Pierre Guichard, Benjamin Verillaud, Philippe Herman


Intranasal trigeminal sensitivity to mechanical stimuli is associated with the perception of nasal patency

Xiaoguang Yan, Susanne Menzel, Kai Zhao, Kanghyun Kim, Thomas Hummel


Are smartphones and low-cost external microphones comparable for measuring time-domain acoustic parameters?

M. Enes Ceylan, M. Emrah Cangi, Göksu Yılmaz, Beyza Sena Peru, Özgür Yiğit


Consensus for voice quality assessment in clinical practice: guidelines of the European Laryngological Society and Union of the European Phoniatricians

Jerome R. Lechien, Ahmed Geneid, Jörg E. Bohlender, Giovanna Cantarella, Juan C. Avellaneda, Gauthier Desuter, Elisabeth V. Sjogren, Camille Finck, Stephane Hans, Markus Hess, Haldun Oguz, Marc J. Remacle, Berit Schneider-Stickler, Miroslav Tedla, Antonio Schindler, Isabel Vilaseca, Michal Zabrodsky, Frederik G. Dikkers, Lise Crevier-Buchman


Parental presence during induction of anesthesia in children undergoing tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy

Xin Li, Xiao-Feng Qiao, Peng-Xia Ren, Guo-Ping Wang, Yin-Huan Bai

Open Access Head and Neck

A comparison between p16-positive head and neck cancer of unknown primary (HPV-HNCUP) and oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (HPV-OPSCC): are they the same disease?

Matthias Balk, Robin Rupp, Matti Sievert, Konstantinos Mantsopoulos, Moritz Allner, Philipp Grundtner, Sarina K. Mueller, Markus Eckstein, Heinrich Iro, Markus Hecht, Antoniu-Oreste Gostian

Open Access Head and Neck

Costs of oropharyngeal squamous cell cancer treatment in Finland

Juhana Tikkanen, Teija Nieminen, Patrik Lassus, Mikko Tenhunen, Lasse Lehtonen, Antti Mäkitie

Open Access Head and Neck

Application of prolonged submental perforator flap to repair the postoperative defect of upper airway malignancy

Hongzhi Ma, Qi Zhong, Lizhen Hou, Ling Feng, Shizhi He, Meng Lian, Yanming Zhao, Ru Wang, Jugao Fang

Open Access Head and Neck

The potential of the Crystal Cam handheld gamma-camera for preoperative and intraoperative sentinel lymph node localization in early-stage oral cancer

Rutger Mahieu, Bernard M. Tijink, Robert J. J. van Es, Bastiaan J. van Nierop, Casper Beijst, Bart de Keizer, Remco de Bree

Open Access Head and Neck

Nutritional status and post-operative complications in patients undergoing surgery for advanced pharyngeal or laryngeal cancer

Teresa Brown, Anna Edwards, Alice Pashley, Belinda Lehn, Sarju Vasani, Robert Hodge, Judith Bauer

Open Access Head and Neck

The impact of 2 weeks wait referral on survival of head and neck cancer patients

Aleix Rovira, Beth Russell, Priyanka Trivedi, Onaiho Ojo, Richard Oakley, Edie Byrne, Avisha Daryanani, Mieke Van Hemelrijck, Ricard Simo

Open Access Head and Neck

Thoracic skeletal muscle index is effective for CT-defined sarcopenia evaluation in patients with head and neck cancer

Belinda Vangelov, Robert Smee, Daniel Moses, Judith Bauer


Smell, taste and food habits changes along body mass index increase: an observational study

Alessandro Micarelli, Sandro Malacrida, Alessandra Vezzoli, Beatrice Micarelli, Ilaria Misici, Valentina Carbini, Sara Caputo, Simona Mrakic-Sposta, Marco Alessandrini

Open Access Miscellaneous

Analysis of possible risk factors for the severity of paediatric obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome

Lea Dékány, Viktória Molnár, András Molnár, András Bikov, Zsófia Lázár, Orsolya Bárdos-Csenteri, Pálma Benedek

Short Communication

Evaluating long-term smell or taste dysfunction in mildly symptomatic COVID-19 patients: a 3-year follow-up study

Paolo Boscolo-Rizzo, Giacomo Spinato, Claire Hopkins, Riccardo Marzolino, Angelo Cavicchia, Simone Zucchini, Daniele Borsetto, Jerome R. Lechien, Luigi Angelo Vaira, Giancarlo Tirelli

Short Communication

Porcine model for tracheostomy training: evaluation of the content and construct validity

Caroline Payen, Florent Carsuzaa, Patrice Gallet, Valentin Favier

Case Report

Case presentation of the smallest non-functional parathyroid carcinoma and review of the literature

S. Ivaniš, M. Jovanović, D. Dunđerović, G. Zorić, B. Odalović, N. Slijepčević, K. Taušanović, B. Rovčanin, M. Buzejić, D. Vučen, B. Stepanović, J. Ilić, M. Parezanović, M. Marinković, M. Stojanović, A. Tošković, I. Mojsić, V. Živaljević

Case Report

Monozygotic twins and cholesteatomas: nature or nuture?

Sabrina Brar, Dennis M. Wolf, Morad Faoury, Julian Barwell, Anand Saggar, Hamid Daya

Open Access How I do it

Endoscopic posterior ventricular cordectomy with contact diode laser: how I do it

Stefano Meneghesso, Roberto Saetti, Marina Silvestrini

Letter to the Editor

The mast cell: the comfortable third in recent CRS research

Rossana Giancaspro, Michele Cassano, Matteo Gelardi

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