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European Archives of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology

Ausgabe 2/2024

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Review Article

Post-operative radiotherapy in adenoid cystic carcinoma of salivary glands versus surgery alone: what is the evidence about survival and local control? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Alfonso Scarpa, Pasquale Viola, Massimo Ralli, Federico Maria Gioacchini, Giovanni Salzano, Arianna Di Stadio, Claudia Cassandro, Giuseppe Chiarella, Filippo Ricciardiello, Pietro De Luca, Francesco Antonio Salzano, Emilio Avallone

Review Article

Executive functions in preschool and school-age cochlear implant users: do they differ from their hearing peers? A systematic review and meta-analysis

Maria Nicastri, Hilal Dincer D’Alessandro, Valentina Baccolini, Giuseppe Migliara, Antonio Sciurti, Corrado De Vito, Laura Ranucci, Ilaria Giallini, Antonio Greco, Patrizia Mancini

Review Article

Intralesional cidofovir vs. bevacizumab for recurrent respiratory papillomatosis: a systematic review and indirect meta-analysis

Faisal H. Zagzoog, Ahmed M. Mogharbel, Abdulsalam Alqutub, Manal Bukhari, Mohammed I. Almohizea

Open Access Otology

Meludia platform as a tool to evaluate music perception in pediatric and adult cochlear implant users

Miryam Calvino, Alejandro Zuazua, Isabel Sanchez-Cuadrado, Javier Gavilán, Marta Mancheño, Helena Arroyo, Luis Lassaletta

Open Access Otology

Significance of endolymphatic sac surgery with and/or without simultaneous cochlea implant surgery in respect of vertigo control and speech perception in patients with Menière’s disease

Jennifer L. Spiegel, Bernhard G. Weiss, Joachim Mueller, John-Martin Hempel, Tobias Rader, Mattis Bertlich, Martin Canis, Friedrich Ihler


Infiltrative fibrous lesion of the facial nerve mimicking a facial nerve tumor

Hee Won Seo, Jung-Yup Lee, Yikyung Kim, Junhun Cho, Yang-Sun Cho

Open Access Otology

The co-existence of peripheral and vestibular neuropathy in diabetes: a cross-sectional study

Aksayan Arunanthy Mahalingasivam, Asger Krohn Jespersen, Niels Ejskjaer, Dan Dupont Hougaard, Peter Vestergaard, Nicklas Højgaard-Hessellund Rasmussen, Johan Røikjer

Open Access Otology

Validation of the Spanish version of the Electronic Facial Palsy Assessment (eFACE)

Teresa Mato‑Patino, Isabel Sánchez‑Cuadrado, Julio Peñarrocha, José Manuel Morales‑Puebla, Jesús Díez‑Sebastián, Javier Gavilán, Luis Lassaletta

Open Access Otology

Clinical performance, safety, and patient-reported outcomes of an active osseointegrated bone-conduction hearing implant system at 24-month follow-up

Robert Cowan, Aaran T. Lewis, Carina Hallberg, Michael C. F. Tong, Catherine S. Birman, Iris H.-Y. Ng, Robert Briggs

Open Access Otology

Impact of virtual reality training on mastoidectomy performance: a prospective randomised study

Jesse Tapiala, Matti Iso-Mustajärvi, Tomi Timonen, Hana Vrzáková, Aarno Dietz

Open Access Otology

Reconstructive ossiculoplasty options in primary cholesteatoma surgeries with an intact stapes

Frederic Acke, Filip Kostadinov, Christoph Schlegel, Thomas Linder


Hearing outcomes following cochlear implantation with anatomic or default frequency mapping in postlingual deafness adults

Xinmiao Fan, Tengyu Yang, Yue Fan, Wenjie Song, Wei Gu, Xiaoping Lu, Yu Chen, Xiaowei Chen


Necrotizing external otitis: diagnostic clues in the emergency department

Miguel Vaca, María M. Medina, Adela I. Cordero, Rubén Polo, Cecilia Pérez, Sandra Domínguez, Gonzalo de los Santos


Compensatory strategies after an acute unilateral vestibulopathy: a prospective observational study

Lien Van Laer, Ann Hallemans, Sebastien Janssens de Varebeke, Clara De Somer, Vincent Van Rompaey, Luc Vereeck


The first quick olfactory test specific for Alzheimer’s disease and French culture

Anais Feing-Kwong-Chan, Valeria Manera, Magali Payne, Alexandre Derreumaux, Justine Lemaire, Guillaume Sacco, Aurélie Mouton, Alexandra Plonka, Xavier Fernandez, Clair Vandersteen, Auriane Gros


Does skin prick test response intensity predict symptom severity and efficacy of subcutaneous immunotherapy in allergic rhinitis?

Xuan Yuan, Shaobing Xie, Lai Meng, Wei Zhong, Hua Zhang, Fengjun Wang, Ruohao Fan, Weihong Jiang, Zhihai Xie


Neoadjuvant chemotherapy for organ preservation in sinonasal squamous cell carcinoma

Tian Wang, Yi Li, Li Wang, Jie Wang, Keqing Zhao, Xinmao Song

Open Access Rhinology

Endoscopic management of sinonasal tumours in the Nordic university hospitals: a survey

Carl Korsström, Markus Lilja, Lalle Hammarstedt-Nordenvall, Antti Mäkitie, Aaro Haapaniemi

Open Access Rhinology

The development of paranasal sinuses in patients with cystic fibrosis: sinuses volume analysis

Agata Kaluzna-Mlynarczyk, Beata Pucher, Jakub Sroczynski, Michal Kotowski, Katarzyna Jonczyk-Potoczna, Jarosław Szydlowski


Validity and reliability of the Group for Learning Useful and Performant Swallowing (GLUPS) tool

Jerome R. Lechien, Auriane Blouin, Robin Baudouin, Laura Bousard, Alexandra Rodriguez, Marie Verhasselt, Gaetan Cavelier, Grégoire Vialatte de Pemille, Marta P. Circiu, Lise Crevier-Buchman, Stephane Hans, Jan Vanderwegen, Didier Dequanter

Open Access Laryngology

Endoscopic assisted microscopic posterior cordotomy for bilateral abductor vocal fold paralysis using radiofrequency versus coblation

Anwar Abdelatty Ibrahim, Ahmad Mahmoud Hamdan, Ahmed Ali Elnaggar

Open Access Laryngology

3D-exoscopic microlaryngoscopy in phonosurgery for glottic insufficiency

Hans N. C. Eckel, Antonia Nolte, Martin S. Otte, Sami Shabli, Ruth Lang-Roth, Jens P. Klußmann, Kevin K. Hansen


Deep learning in voice analysis for diagnosing vocal cord pathologies: a systematic review

Idit Tessler, Adi Primov-Fever, Shelly Soffer, Roi Anteby, Nir A. Gecel, Nir Livneh, Eran E. Alon, Eyal Zimlichman, Eyal Klang

Head and Neck

COVID-19 impact on the management of head and neck cancer: a French single-centre experience

Maheo Clementine, Clement Camille, Archimede Swann, Zarrin Alavi, Marianowski Remi, Leclere Jean-Christophe

Head and Neck

Treatment strategy in laryngeal chondrosarcoma: a multicenter study of 43 cases

Marianne Schleich, Laurent Laccourreye, Remi Marianowski, Xavier Dufour, Emmanuel Babin, Vianney Bastit, Jean Paul Marie, Cécile Badoual, Pierre Philouze, Florent Espitalier, Gonzague Du Bouexic De Pinieux, Sylvain Moriniere

Head and Neck

Serum levels of heavy metals in patients with Bell’s palsy: a case–control study

Nazim Bozan, Ömer Faruk Koçak, Canser Yılmaz Demir, Koray Avcı, Ömer Erdağ, Mahfuz Turan, Halit Demir

Head and Neck

The transcervical–transparotid corridor for management of parapharyngeal space neoplasms: strengths and limits in a bi-institutional retrospective series

Andrea Galli, Leone Giordano, Francesco Mattioli, Edoardo Serafini, Matteo Fermi, Chiara Bramati, Mario Bussi

Open Access Head and Neck

Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocol improves patient outcomes in free flap surgery for head and neck cancer

Teija Nieminen, Laura Tapiovaara, Leif Bäck, Andrew Lindford, Patrik Lassus, Lasse Lehtonen, Antti Mäkitie, Harri Keski-Säntti

Open Access Head and Neck

Changes in occurrence and management of laryngeal fractures at the Helsinki University Hospital during 25 years

Riikka E. Mäkitie, Kristofer Nyman, Taru Ilmarinen, Laura Tapiovaara

Head and Neck

Intra-parotid facial nerve path by MRI tractography: radio-clinical comparison in parotid tumors

Axelle Thierry, Coralie Barbe, Marc Labrousse, Marc Makeieff, Jean-Claude Merol, Aline Carsin-Vu, France Truong, Xavier Dubernard, Esteban Brenet

Head and Neck

Preoperative tracheostomy is associated with thyroid gland invasion and poorer prognosis in laryngectomized patients

Roee Noy, Nadeem Habashi, Sharon Akrish, Jacob Cohen, Yotam Shkedy

Head and Neck

Results of salvage neck dissection after chemoradiation in locally advanced head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

L. López, P. García-Cabo, J. L. Llorente, F. López, J. P. Rodrigo

Head and Neck

A pyroptosis-related gene expression signature predicts immune microenvironment and prognosis in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma

Wenyuan Zhou, Mei Feng, Fei Qi, Jiao Qiao, Lina Fan, Long Zhang, Xuegang Hu, Chunyu Huang

Head and Neck

Construction of a nomogram for central lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid cancer based on gender grouping

Gao-Feng Qi, Jia-Wei Feng, Wan-Xiao Wu, Jing Ye, Jun Hu, Fei Wang, Li-Zhao Hong, Sheng-Yong Liu, Yong Jiang


Artificial intelligence chatbots as sources of patient education material for obstructive sleep apnoea: ChatGPT versus Google Bard

Ryan Chin Taw Cheong, Samit Unadkat, Venkata Mcneillis, Andrew Williamson, Jonathan Joseph, Premjit Randhawa, Peter Andrews, Vinidh Paleri


Is artificial intelligence ready to replace specialist doctors entirely? ENT specialists vs ChatGPT: 1-0, ball at the center

Virginia Dallari, Andrea Sacchetto, Roberto Saetti, Luca Calabrese, Fabio Vittadello, Luca Gazzini


The impact of tamoxifen treatment on voice parameters in premenopausal women with breast cancer

Serdar Ata, Nur Yücel Ekici, Mahmut Büyükşimşek, Timuçin Çil, Berna Bozkurt Duman


Analysis of the cause of retrolingual obstruction in patients with moderate–severe obstructive sleep apnea

Wanting Gao, Lei Shi, Dengxiang Xing, Jie Qin, Chenhai Zheng, Shuhua Li, Dahai Wu

Short Communication

Is an oropharyngeal HPV infection more frequently detectable in women with a genital HPV infection?

Barbara Kofler, Andreas Widschwendter, Benedikt Hofauer, Carina Gatt, Sophie Fabel, Anke Leichtle, Alexandra Ciresa-König, Jozsef Dudas, Wegene Borena

Case Report

Cochlear implantation in Bjornstad syndrome: a case series with literature review

Secaattin Gülşen, Sercan Çıkrıkcı

Case Report

Cimetidine for recurrent respiratory papillomatosis in pregnancy as an alternative adjuvant treatment

Sien Hui Tan, Sakina Ghauth, Yew Toong Liew, Zulkiflee Abu Bakar

How I do it

Inverted clip technique for cochlear implant electrode array fixation: how I do it

José Manuel Morales-Puebla, Javier Gavilán, Luis Lassaletta

Letter to the Editor

Comments on: Value and role of surgical margins in transoral laser microsurgery of the larynx, literature review and clinical considerations

Claudio Sampieri, Filippo Marchi, Valentina Campagnari, Giulia Gabella, Andrea Costantino, Tsung-You Tsai, Isabel Vilaseca, Giorgio Peretti, Andrea Iandelli

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