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Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology

Ausgabe 1/2023

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Open Access Original Article

Applicability and usefulness of the Declaration of Helsinki for forensic research with human cadavers and remains

Valentina Scarpulla, Alberto Amadasi, Susi Pelotti, Francesca Ingravallo

Original Article

Application of natural sciences methodology in archaeological study of Iron Age burials in Latvia: pilot study

Janis Kimsis, Elina Petersone-Gordina, Alise Poksane, Antonija Vilcāne, Joanna Moore, Guntis Gerhards, Renate Ranka

Original Article

Histological changes in lingual striated muscle tissue of human cadavers to estimate the postmortem interval

Clivia Guerrero-Urbina, Martha Fors, Bélgica Vásquez, Gabriel Fonseca, Marjorie Rodríguez-Guerrero

Open Access Original Article

Anthropometric study using three-dimensional pelvic CT scan in sex determination among adult Indonesian population

Rosy Setiawati, Paulus Rahardjo, Ika Ruriana, Giuseppe Guglielmi

Original Article

Surface wave analysis of the skin for penetrating and non-penetrating projectile impact in porcine legs

Joseph LeSueur, Carolyn Hampton, Jared Koser, Sajal Chirvi, Frank A. Pintar

Open Access Original Article

Detecting DNA damage in stored blood samples

Kristina Schulze Johann, Hannah Bauer, Peter Wiegand, Heidi Pfeiffer, Marielle Vennemann

Case Report

Death due to unsuspected acute myeloid leukaemia: an unusual forensic diagnosis

Lila Krebs-Drouot, Georgia Karpathiou, Virginie Scolan, Carolyne Bidat-Callet, Baptiste Boyer, Michel Péoc’h

Open Access Case Report

Evidence of D-shaped wounds in the intrasomatic bullet path: two case reports

Luca Tomassini, Anna Maria Manta, Daniele Paolini, Pia Eugenia Ylenia Petrasso, Gianluca Niccolò Piras, Costantino Ciallella

Case Report

Death following rapidly progressive demyelinating disorder in a young female—a case report

C. U. Wickramasinghe, D. M. G. Fernando, S. Wijetunge, H. R. S. D. Sumanasekara


SARS-CoV-2 persistence and infectivity in COVID-19 corpses: a systematic review

Syandrez Prima Putra, Taufik Hidayat, Rahma Tsania Zhuhra


Vitality markers in forensic investigations: a literature review

Giuliana Pennisi, Marco Torrisi, Giuseppe Cocimano, Massimiliano Esposito, Monica Salerno, Francesco Sessa

Images in Forensics

Extensive direct spreading of “groin hit”-related soft tissue infections: a report of three cases

Aleksa Leković, Vladimir Živković, Dragan Ječmenica, Slobodan Nikolić

Open Access Images in Forensics

Focal dissection and rupture of left atherosclerotic subclavian artery: a rare cause of haemothorax

Rexson Tse, Melissa Thompson, Issac Han, Alex Olumbe

Images in Forensics

Extensive subcutaneous needle fragment retention due to injecting drug use

Joanna Glengarry, Matthew Lynch, Chris O’Donnell

Images in Forensics

Dermatologic features of chronic intramuscular use of ketamine: a case report

Melika Ebrahimian, Nasim Zamani, Sahel Shafiee Dolat Abadi, Mehdi Gheisari, Rebecca McDonald, Hossein Hassanian-Moghaddam

Letter to the Editor

Does Bak Kut Teh really cause hepatotoxicity?

Susan M. Britza, Rachael Farrington, Ian F. Musgrave, Roger W. Byard

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24.04.2023 | Lymphome | Schwerpunkt: Neue Klassifikationen in der Hämatopathologie

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16.03.2023 | Hodgkin-Lymphom | Schwerpunkt: Neue Klassifikationen in der Hämatopathologie

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