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18.02.2020 | Original Article

New methods for sex estimation using sternum and rib morphology

Sex estimation of skeletal remains is of great importance in the fields of physical and forensic anthropology. Since skeletons are often incomplete, it is essential to estimate sex from as many skeletal remains as possible. The aim of this study …

14.02.2020 | Original Article Open Access

The punched-out tissue complex (skin-bone ”imprimatum“) in shots from captive-bolt guns: does it act as a secondary projectile?

From the first half of the twentieth century to the present day, injuries and fatalities from captive-bolt livestock stunners are a major topic in forensic medicine. The vast majority of cases account for suicides with the frontal, temporal …

14.02.2020 | Short Communication

Inter-laboratory adaption of age estimation models by DNA methylation analysis—problems and solutions

In recent years, a lot of age prediction models based on different CpG motives in different cell types were published determining the biological age of a person by DNA methylation. For a general employment of this technique, maybe even as a …

14.02.2020 | Original Article Open Access

Ballistic research techniques: visualizing gunshot wounding patterns

There are difficulties associated with mapping gunshot wound (GSW) patterns within opaque models. Depending on the damage measurement parameters required, there are multiple techniques that can provide methods of “seeing” the GSW pattern within an …

12.02.2020 | Original Article

Characterisation of gunshot residues from non-toxic ammunition and their persistence on the shooter’s hands

The aim of this work was to characterise three non-toxic ammunition (NTA) from the GECO and Fiocchi brands, which are available in the Italian market. Characterisation was carried out by considering both the elemental chemical composition and …

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The International Journal of Legal Medicine aims to improve the scientific resources used in the elucidation of crime and related forensic applications at a high level of evidential proof. The journal offers review articles tracing development in specific areas, with up-to-date analysis; original articles discussing significant recent research results; case reports describing interesting and exceptional examples; population data; letters to the editors; and technical notes, which appear in a section originally created for rapid publication of data in the dynamic field of DNA analysis.

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Neu im Fachgebiet Rechtsmedizin

01.02.2020 | Forensische Begutachtung | CME | Ausgabe 1/2020

Diagnose einer gewaltsamen Erstickung

Teil 1: Reevaluation der Spezifität makroskopischer und histomorphologischer Befunde

27.01.2020 | Schwerpunkt: Lunge | Ausgabe 1/2020

Immunhistochemiebasierte prädiktive Biomarker bei Lungenkarzinomen

27.01.2020 | Schwerpunkt: Lunge | Ausgabe 1/2020

Zytologie der primären Lungenkarzinome