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Journal of Gambling Studies

Ausgabe 1/2022

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Open Access COVID-19 Original Paper

Gambling by Young Adults in the UK During COVID-19 Lockdown

Alan Emond, Agnes Nairn, Sharon Collard, Linda Hollén

Open Access Original Paper

Alexithymia and Emotion Regulation Strategies in Adolescent Gamblers with and Without At-Risk Profiles

Ana Estévez, Paula Jauregui, Laura Macía, Cristina Martín-Pérez

Open Access Original Paper

Measuring Gambling Outcome Expectancies in Adolescents: Testing the Psychometric Properties of a Modified Version of the Gambling Expectancy Questionnaire

Maria Anna Donati, Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Beatrice Cipollini, Laura Di Leonardo, Giuseppe Iraci Sareri, Caterina Primi

Original Paper

Indigenous Gambling and Problem Gambling in Canada

Robert J. Williams, Yale D. Belanger, Carrie A. Leonard, Rhys M. G. Stevens, Darren R. Christensen, Nady el-Guebaly, David C. Hodgins, Daniel S. McGrath

Original Paper

Factors Influencing Gambling Behavior Among Employees in Macau Gambling Industry

Chin Fung Chow, Chris Hin Wah Cheung, Larry Man Yum So

Original Paper

A Comparison of Two GameSense Implementation Approaches: How Program Awareness and Engagement Relate to Gambling Beliefs and Behaviors

Eric R. Louderback, Heather M. Gray, Debi A. LaPlante, Brett Abarbanel, Bo J. Bernhard

Open Access Original Paper

Contrasting Mind-Wandering, (Dark) Flow, and Affect During Multiline and Single-Line Slot Machine Play

Tyler B. Kruger, Mike J. Dixon, Candice Graydon, Chanel J. Larche, Madison Stange, Stephen D. Smith, Daniel Smilek

Original Paper

A Multi-Method Investigation of Normative and Pathological Personality Across the Spectrum of Gambling Involvement

Lena C. Quilty, Elijah Otis, Sasha A. Haefner, R. Michael Bagby

Original Paper

Impulsivity, Consciousness and Defense Mechanisms of the Ego Among Pathological Gamblers

Camelia Maria Ciobotaru, Aurel Ion Clinciu

Open Access Original Paper

A Comprehensive Model for Gambling Behaviors: Assessment of the Factors that can Contribute to the Vulnerability and Maintenance of Gambling Disorder

Alessio Gori, Eleonora Topino, Giuseppe Craparo, Ilaria Bagnoli, Vincenzo Caretti, Adriano Schimmenti

Original Paper

Protective Action and Risky Beliefs: The Relationship Between Religion and Gambling Fallacies

Brenton M. Williams, Matthew Browne, Matthew Rockloff, George Stuart, Bradley P. Smith

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