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Journal of Gambling Studies

Ausgabe 2/2023

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Open Access Review Paper

The Prevalence of Problem Gambling and Gambling Disorder Among Homeless People: A Systematic Review And Meta-Analysis

Karl Deutscher, Stefan Gutwinski, Felix Bermpohl, Henrietta Bowden-Jones, Seena Fazel, Stefanie Schreiter

Open Access Review Paper

Risk Factors for Gambling Disorder: A Systematic Review

Diana Moreira, Andreia Azeredo, Paulo Dias

Open Access Original Paper

Problematic Gambling Behavior in a Sample with Substance Use Disorder: The Role of Attachment Style and Alexithymia

Mª Begoña Rueda Ruiz, Urko Aguirre Larracoechea, Marta Herrero, Ana Estévez

Open Access Review Paper

Clinical Correlates of Sports Betting: A Systematic Review

Eduardo Valenciano-Mendoza, Bernat Mora-Maltas, Gemma Mestre-Bach, Lucero Munguía, Jérémie Richard, Jeffrey L. Derevensky, Marc N. Potenza, Susana Jiménez-Murcia

Original Paper

To Pay or Just Play? Examining Individual Differences Between Purchasers and Earners of Loot Boxes in Overwatch

Chanel J. Larche, Katrina Chini, Christopher Lee, Mike J. Dixon

Open Access Review Paper

The Association between the Five-factor Model of Personality and Problem Gambling: a Meta-analysis

Francine W. H. Dudfield, John M. Malouff, Jai Meynadier

Review Paper

Is Empathy Associated with Gambling and Its Addiction? A Scoping Review of Empirical Studies

Anise M. S. Wu, Hui Zhou, Le Dang, Juliet Honglei Chen

Review Paper

Suicidal Behaviors and Associated Factors Among Individuals with Gambling Disorders: A Meta-Analysis

Bahram Armoon, Mark D. Griffiths, Rasool Mohammadi, Elaheh Ahounbar

Original Paper

Motives to engage with or refrain from gambling and loot box content: an exploratory qualitative investigation

Erika Puiras, Casey Oliver, Shayna Cummings, Micaela Sheinin, Dwight Mazmanian

Open Access Original Paper

Seeking Solace in Gambling: The Cycle of Gambling and Intimate Partner Violence Against Women Who Gamble

Nerilee Hing, Lydia Mainey, Catherine O’Mullan, Elaine Nuske, Nancy Greer, Anna Thomas, Helen Breen


A Systematic Review of Eye-Tracking Studies of Gambling-Related Attentional Biases

Rachel Emy Straus Takahashi, Hyoun S. Kim, Sophie G. Coelho, Hermano Tavares

Original Paper

Cognitive Factors that Predict Gambling Fallacy Endorsement

Carrie A. Shaw, Robert J. Williams, V. Toria Violo, Jennifer N. Williams, Zsolt Demetrovics, Paul Delfabbro

Review Paper

Preventive Interventions and Harm Reduction in Online and Electronic Gambling: A Systematic Review

Anne Fiskaali, Anna Westh Stenbro, Thomas Marcussen, Mette Trøllund Rask

Open Access Review Paper

Designing Improved Safer Gambling Messages for Race and Sports Betting: What can be Learned from Other Gambling Formats and the Broader Public Health Literature?

Philip W. S. Newall, Matthew Rockloff, Nerilee Hing, Hannah Thorne, Alex M. T. Russell, Matthew Browne, Tess Armstrong

Open Access Review Paper

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Gamblers of East Asian Descent in Australia: A Comprehensive Review of Current Evidence

Victoria Rowlatt, Darren Wraith, Thuy-Vi Minh Doan, Christina Malatzky

Open Access Original Paper

Problem Gambling Among Adolescents in Uganda: A Cross-sectional Survey Study

Michael U. Anyanwu, Zsolt Demetrovics, Mark D. Griffiths, Zsolt Horváth, Andrea Czakó, Francis Bajunirwe, Imelda Tamwesigire

Open Access Review Paper

Open Science Practices in Gambling Research Publications (2016–2019): A Scoping Review

Eric R. Louderback, Sally M. Gainsbury, Robert M. Heirene, Karen Amichia, Alessandra Grossman, Bo J. Bernhard, Debi A. LaPlante

Review Paper

A Comment: Positive Play is a Subset of Responsible Gambling

Howard J. Shaffer, Robert Ladouceur, Alexander Blaszczynski

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