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Ausgabe 5/2022

Special Issue: Cushing's disease in the new decade

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Special issue: Cushing's disease update

Maria Fleseriu

Open Access

Genetics of Cushing’s disease: from the lab to clinical practice

Marily Theodoropoulou, Martin Reincke

Open Access

How to rule out non-neoplastic hypercortisolemia (previously known as pseudo-cushing)

Carla Scaroni, Alessandro Mondin, Filippo Ceccato

Open Access Review

Modern imaging in Cushing’s disease

W. A. Bashari, D. Gillett, J. MacFarlane, A. S. Powlson, A. G. Kolias, R. Mannion, D. J. Scoffings, I. A. Mendichovszky, J. Jones, H. K. Cheow, O. Koulouri, M. Gurnell

Pituitary acting drugs: cabergoline and pasireotide

Mônica R. Gadelha, Luiz Eduardo Wildemberg, Ilan Shimon

Open Access

Cushing’s disease: adrenal steroidogenesis inhibitors

Rosario Pivonello, Chiara Simeoli, Nicola Di Paola, Annamaria Colao

Open Access

Cardiovascular health and mortality in Cushing’s disease

Amy Coulden, Ross Hamblin, John Wass, Niki Karavitaki

Novel approaches to bone comorbidity in Cushing’s disease: an update

Stefano Frara, Luigi di Filippo, Mauro Doga, Paola Loli, Felipe F. Casanueva, Andrea Giustina

Open Access Review

Quality of life impairment after a diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome

Susan M Webb, Elena Valassi

Open Access

Pituitary tumor centers of excellence for Cushing’s disease

Marcos Couselo, Stefano Frara, Andrea Giustina, Felipe F. Casanueva

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