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Ausgabe 6/2023

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Open Access

Reported baseline variables in transsphenoidal surgery for pituitary adenoma over a 30 year period: a systematic review

Hugo Layard Horsfall, Ryan T. S. Loh, Ashwin Venkatesh, Danyal Z. Khan, Alistair Lawrence, Ronie Jayapalan, Olympia Koulouri, Daniele Borsetto, Thomas Santarius, Mark Gurnell, Neil Dorward, Richard Mannion, Hani J. Marcus, Angelos G. Kolias

Growth hormone insensitivity and adipose tissue: tissue morphology and transcriptome analyses in pigs and humans

Jonathan A. Young, Arne Hinrichs, Stephen Bell, Delaney K. Geitgey, Diana Hume-Rivera, Addison Bounds, Maggie Soneson, Zvi Laron, Danielle Yaron-Shaminsky, Eckhard Wolf, Edward O. List, John J. Kopchick, Darlene E. Berryman

Clinical characteristics and therapeutic outcomes of acromegalic patients with giant growth hormone-secreting pituitary adenomas: a single-center study of 67 cases

Meiping Chen, Lian Duan, Hui miao, Na Yu, Shengmin Yang, Linjie Wang, Fengying Gong, Yong Yao, Huijuan Zhu

The impact of facility type and volume on treatment and overall survival in craniopharyngioma

Benjamin F. Bitner, Derek H. Liu, Madeline M. Nottoli, Sina J. Torabi, Frank P. K. Hsu, Edward C. Kuan

Endoscopic endonasal marsupialization of rathke cleft cysts: clinical outcomes and risk factors analysis of visual impairment, pituitary dysfunction, and CSF leak

Mohammad Bilal Alsavaf, Kyle C. Wu, Jaskaran S. Gosal, Guilherme Finger, Brandon Koch, Moataz D. Abouammo, Luciano M. Prevedello, Ricardo L. Carrau, Daniel M. Prevedello

Open Access

Metastases to the pituitary gland: insights from the German pituitary tumor registry

Linus Haberbosch, Simone Schmid, Vanessa Hubertus, Dominik Soll, Güliz Acker, Matthias Dottermusch, Marie Jensen, Lukas Maurer, Joachim Spranger, Knut Mai, Peter Vajkoczy, Wolfgang Saeger, Christian J. Strasburger

Assessment of forearm muscles with ultrasound shear wave elastography in patients with acromegaly

Meric Coskun, Halit Nahit Sendur, Mahi Nur Cerit, Afruz Babayeva, Ethem Turgay Cerit, Mehmet Muhittin Yalcin, Alev Eroglu Altinova, Mujde Akturk, Mehmet Ayhan Karakoc, Fusun Balos Toruner

Open Access Correction

Correction: Care trajectories of surgically treated patients with a prolactinoma: why did they opt for surgery?

Victoria R. van Trigt, Ingrid M. Zandbergen, Iris C. M. Pelsma, Leontine E. H. Bakker, Marco J. T. Verstegen, Wouter R. van Furth, Nienke R. Biermasz

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