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Annals of Behavioral Medicine 5/2016
Annals of Behavioral Medicine

Ausgabe 5/2016


Inhaltsverzeichnis (15 Artikel)

16.03.2016 | Original Article

Predicting Change in Physical Activity: a Longitudinal Investigation Among Weight-Concerned College Women
Danielle Arigo PhD, Meghan L. Butryn PhD, Greer A. Raggio PhD, MPH, Eric Stice PhD, Michael R. Lowe PhD

04.03.2016 | Original Article

Predictors of Changes in Medication Adherence in Blacks with Hypertension: Moving Beyond Cross-Sectional Data
Antoinette M. Schoenthaler EdD, Mark Butler PhD, William Chaplin PhD, Jonathan Tobin PhD, Gbenga Ogedegbe MD

09.03.2016 | Original Article

The Tripartite Model of Risk Perception (TRIRISK): Distinguishing Deliberative, Affective, and Experiential Components of Perceived Risk
Rebecca A. Ferrer PhD, William M. P. Klein PhD, Alexander Persoskie PhD, Aya Avishai-Yitshak BS, Paschal Sheeran PhD

11.03.2016 | Original Article

Characteristics and Correlates of Word Use in Physician-Patient Communication
Angelica Falkenstein MA, Brandon Tran BA, Daniel Ludi MD, Afshin Molkara MD, Henry Nguyen MD, Arnold Tabuenca MD, Kate Sweeny PhD

08.04.2016 | Original Article

Health Communication in Social Media: Message Features Predicting User Engagement on Diabetes-Related Facebook Pages
Holly M. Rus BA, Linda D. Cameron PhD

23.09.2016 | Letter to the Editor

A Call for a Science of Engagement: Comment on Rus and Cameron
Sherry Pagoto PhD, Molly E. Waring PhD

19.04.2016 | Original Article

New to New York: Ecological and Psychological Predictors of Health Among Recently Arrived Young Adult Gay and Bisexual Urban Migrants
John E. Pachankis PhD, Adam I. Eldahan MPH, Sarit A. Golub PhD, MPH

Open Access 05.05.2016 | Original Article

Prolonged Non-metabolic Heart Rate Variability Reduction as a Physiological Marker of Psychological Stress in Daily Life
Bart Verkuil PhD, Jos F. Brosschot PhD, Marieke S. Tollenaar PhD, Richard D. Lane MD, PhD, Julian F. Thayer PhD

07.04.2016 | Original Article

Smoking, Screen-Based Sedentary Behavior, and Diet Associated with Habitual Sleep Duration and Chronotype: Data from the UK Biobank
Freda Patterson PhD, Susan Kohl Malone PhD, RN, Alicia Lozano MS, Michael A. Grandner PhD, MTR, Alexandra L. Hanlon PhD

11.04.2016 | Original Article

Forgiveness, Stress, and Health: a 5-Week Dynamic Parallel Process Study
Loren L. Toussaint PhD, Grant S. Shields MA, George M. Slavich PhD

22.06.2016 | Original Article

Reactance to Health Warnings Scale: Development and Validation
Marissa G. Hall MSPH, Paschal Sheeran PhD, Seth M. Noar PhD, Kurt M. Ribisl PhD, Laura E. Bach MPH, Noel T. Brewer PhD

09.06.2016 | Original Article

Baseline Characteristics and Generalizability of Participants in an Internet Smoking Cessation Randomized Trial
Sarah Cha MSPH, Bahar Erar MS, Raymond S. Niaura PhD, Amanda L. Graham PhD

22.06.2016 | Original Article

A Randomized Controlled Trial to Prevent Depression and Ameliorate Insulin Resistance in Adolescent Girls at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
Lauren B. Shomaker PhD, Nichole R. Kelly PhD, Courtney K. Pickworth BA, Omni L. Cassidy MS, Rachel M. Radin MS, Lisa M. Shank MS, Anna Vannucci MS, Katherine A. Thompson BS, Sara A. Armaiz-Flores BS, Sheila M. Brady MS, CRNP, Andrew P. Demidowich MD, Ovidiu A. Galescu MD, Amber B. Courville PhD, RD, Cara Olsen DrPh, Kong Y. Chen PhD, Eric Stice PhD, Marian Tanofsky-Kraff PhD, Jack A. Yanovski MD, PhD

08.06.2016 | Original Article

Longitudinal Reciprocal Relationships Between Quality of Life and Coping Strategies Among Women with Breast Cancer
Min-So Paek PhD, Edward H. Ip PhD, Beverly Levine PhD, Nancy E. Avis PhD

02.03.2016 | Brief Report

“I don’t know” My Cancer Risk: Implications for Health Behavior Engagement
Erika A. Waters PhD, MPH, Marc T. Kiviniemi PhD, Heather Orom PhD, Jennifer L. Hay PhD

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