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Child's Nervous System

Child's Nervous System 8/2016

Ausgabe 8/2016

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 32 Artikel )

10.09.2015 | Cover Editorial | Ausgabe 8/2016

Murder of Şehzade Mustafa as an ordinary but very painful event in terms of the Ottoman history

Ali Ç. Turgut, Yaşar B. Turgut, Mehmet Turgut

30.04.2016 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 8/2016

Neonatal neuroradiological aspects in Zika virus infection

Viroj Wiwanitkit

04.06.2016 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 8/2016

Syndrome of transient headache with neurologic deficits and cerebrospinal fluid lymphocytosis: SPECT usefulness in the diagnosis

Reyes Alvarez Garcia-Roves, Jesus Saavedra-Lozano, Elena Maria Rincon-Lopez, Maria Vazquez-Lopez

04.06.2016 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 8/2016

Delayed diagnosis of cervical spinal cord transection without radiographic abnormality in a 3-year-old child after a motor vehicle accident

Seunghwan Jung, Sung Wook Seo, Sun-Ho Lee

09.06.2016 | Letter to the Editor | Ausgabe 8/2016

Complete absence of the roof of the third ventricle in a case of hydrocephalus: an endoscopic view

Zohreh Habibi, Vahid Heidari, Ramin Mahmoodi, Farideh Nejat

16.06.2016 | Brief Communication | Ausgabe 8/2016

Psychiatric manifestations as initial presentation for pediatric CNS germ cell tumors, a case series

F. Malbari, T. R. Gershon, J. H. Garvin, J. C. Allen, Y. Khakoo, A. S. Levy, I. J. Dunkel

11.04.2016 | Case-Based Update | Ausgabe 8/2016

Infected cephalohematomas and underlying osteomyelitis: a case-based review

Michael D. Staudt, Daniel Etarsky, Adrianna Ranger

28.06.2016 | Review Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

Noninvasive methods of detecting increased intracranial pressure

Wen Xu, Patrick Gerety, Tomas Aleman, Jordan Swanson, Jesse Taylor

25.05.2016 | Review Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

Traumatic atlanto-occipital dislocation: do children and adolescents have better or worse outcomes than adults? A narrative review

R. Shane Tubbs, Chirag Patel, Marios Loukas, Rod J. Oskouian, Jens R. Chapman

14.05.2016 | Review Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

The current role of diagnostic imaging in the preoperative workup for refractory neonatal brachial plexus palsy

Deepak K. Somashekar, Thomas J. Wilson, Michael A. DiPietro, Jacob R. Joseph, Mohannad Ibrahim, Lynda J-S. Yang, Hemant A. Parmar

28.05.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016 Open Access

Intraventricular hemorrhage in neonates born before 32 weeks of gestation—retrospective analysis of risk factors

Dawid Szpecht, Marta Szymankiewicz, Irmina Nowak, Janusz Gadzinowski

09.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

Outcome of ventriculoperitoneal shunt and predictors of shunt revision in infants with posthemorrhagic hydrocephalus

Shyamal C. Bir, Subhas Konar, Tanmoy Kumar Maiti, Piyush Kalakoti, Papireddy Bollam, Anil Nanda

05.07.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

Pre-radiation chemotherapy improves survival in pediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas

Z. Gokce-Samar, P. A. Beuriat, C. Faure-Conter, C. Carrie, S. Chabaud, L. Claude, F. Di Rocco, C. Mottolese, A. Szathmari, C. Chabert, D. Frappaz

14.05.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

Management of pediatric intracranial low-grade gliomas: long-term follow-up after radiation therapy

Minh-Phuong Huynh-Le, Amanda J. Walker, Peter C. Burger, George I. Jallo, Kenneth J. Cohen, Moody D. Wharam, Stephanie A. Terezakis

21.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016 Open Access

Renal function in children treated for central nervous system malignancies

Katarzyna Musiol, Grażyna Sobol-Milejska, Łukasz Nowotka, Karolina Torba, Maria Kniażewska, Halina Wos

27.04.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

Quantitative imaging analysis of posterior fossa ependymoma location in children

Noah D. Sabin, Thomas E. Merchant, Xingyu Li, Yimei Li, Paul Klimo Jr., Frederick A. Boop, David W. Ellison, Robert J. Ogg

20.05.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

Management of midline dural sinus malformations and review of the literature

Catherine Miller, Daniel Guillaume

28.04.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

PHACE syndrome is associated with intracranial cavernous malformations

Kimberly A. Foster, William J. Ares, Zachary J. Tempel, Andrew A. McCormick, Ashok Panigrahy, Lorelei J. Grunwaldt, Stephanie Greene

11.12.2015 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

Cerebral-perfusion-based single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) staging using NeuroGam® in patients with moyamoya disease

Jai-Hyuck Han, Young Seok Park, Won Hyoung Lee, Sung-Soo Koong, Kyung-Soo Min, Mou-Seop Lee, Young-Gyu Kim, Dong-Ho Kim, Kyung-Sil Yi, Sang-Hoon Cha

14.05.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

Factors associated with the timeliness of postnatal surgical repair of spina bifida

Elizabeth Radcliff, Cynthia H. Cassell, Sarah B. Laditka, Judy K. Thibadeau, Jane Correia, Scott D. Grosse, Russell S. Kirby

16.06.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

Selective dorsal rhizotomy for hereditary spastic paraparesis in children

Julia Sharma, Christopher Bonfield, Paul Steinbok

08.07.2016 | Original Paper | Ausgabe 8/2016

One-stage posterior focus debridement, interbody grafts, and posterior instrumentation and fusion in the surgical treatment of thoracolumbar spinal tuberculosis with kyphosis in children: a preliminary report

Yu-Xiang Wang, Hong-Qi Zhang, Ming-xing Tang, Chao-feng Guo, Ang Deng, Jian-Huang Wu, Jin-Yang Liu, Zhansheng Deng, Jing Chen

07.06.2016 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 8/2016

The deepithelialized skin flap for closure of large myelomeningoceles: a common plastic surgery technique for a novel neurosurgery application

Michael S. Golinko, Kumar Patel, Rong Cai, Aaron Smith, Eylem Ocal

23.02.2016 | Technical Note | Ausgabe 8/2016

Ventricular-subcutaneous shunt for the treatment of experimental hydrocephalus in young rats: technical note

Marcelo Volpon Santos, Camila Araujo Bernardino Garcia, Evelise Oliveira Jardini, Thais Helena Romeiro, Luiza da Silva Lopes, Hélio Rubens Machado, Ricardo Santos de Oliveira

12.12.2015 | Case Report | Ausgabe 8/2016

Pandora’s box: eosinophilic granuloma at the cerebellopontine angle—should we open it?

Ahmet Öğrenci, Osman Ersegun Batçık, Murat Şakir Ekşi, Orkun Koban

11.04.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 8/2016

Pediatric granulomatosis with polyangiitis exhibiting prominent central nervous system symptoms

Tingting Lu, Jian Bao, Dongfang Lin, Hongbing Chen, Wei Qiu, Zhengqi Lu

11.03.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 8/2016

Ectopic recurrence of pediatric craniopharyngiomas after gross total resection: a report of two cases and a review of the literature

Can Du, Cheng-Yuan Feng, Jian Yuan, Xianrui Yuan

14.03.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 8/2016

Reversible diffusion weighted imaging hyperintensities during the acute phase of ischemic stroke in pediatric moyamoya disease: a case report

Goichiro Tamura, Satoshi Ihara, Nobuhito Morota

11.03.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 8/2016

Fetal segmental spinal dysgenesis and unusual segmental agenesis of the anterior spinal artery

Melissa Valdez Quintana, Jean Michaud, Darine El-Chaar, Dina El Demellawy, Sarah M. Nikkel, Elka Miller

18.03.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 8/2016

Simultaneous ventriculoperitoneal shunt removal and endoscopic third ventriculostomy for three patients previously treated for intracranial germ cell tumors more than 20 years ago

Daisuke Kita, Yasuhiko Hayashi, Issei Fukui, Masahiro Oishi, Mitsutoshi Nakada

16.03.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 8/2016

Intraspinal extradural benign fibrous histiocytoma of the lumbar spine in a pediatric patient. Case report and literature review

Fabrizio Donati, Luca Proietti, Aaron Burrofato, Domenico Alessandro Santagada, Francesco Ciro Tamburrelli

16.04.2016 | Case Report | Ausgabe 8/2016

Diagnosis and outcome of childhood perineurioma

Hugh J. McMillan, C. Torres, J. Michaud, Y. Ying, K. U. Boyd, P. R. Bourque

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