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Forensic Science, Medicine and Pathology

Ausgabe 3/2021

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Zur Zeit gratis Editorial

Does herbal therapy for COVID-19 have implications for forensic practice?

Roger W. Byard, Ian F. Musgrave

Open Access Case Report

Importance of dashboard camera (Dash Cam) analysis in fatal vehicle–pedestrian crash reconstruction

Elena Giovannini, Arianna Giorgetti, Guido Pelletti, Alessio Giusti, Marco Garagnani, Jennifer Paola Pascali, Susi Pelotti, Paolo Fais

Original Article

Delivering harm reduction to the community and frontline medical practitioners through the South Australian Drug Early Warning System (SADEWS)

Andrew Camilleri, Sam Alfred, Cobus Gerber, Stephen Lymb, Ben Painter, Anne Rathjen, Peter Stockham

Open Access Original Article

Post-mortem persistence of SARS-CoV-2: a preliminary study

Sara Sablone, Biagio Solarino, Davide Ferorelli, Marcello Benevento, Maria Chironna, Daniela Loconsole, Anna Sallustio, Alessandro Dell’Erba, Francesco Introna

Open Access Original Article

The handling of SARS-CoV-2 associated deaths - infectivity of the body

Ann Sophie Schröder, Carolin Edler, Benjamin Ondruschka, Klaus Püschel, Julia Schädler, Axel Heinemann, Fabian Heinrich, Marc Lütgehetmann, Susanne Pfefferle, Martin Aepfelbacher, Antonia Fitzek, Jan-Peter Sperhake

Open Access Original Article

Comparison of superficial wound documentation using 2D forensic photography, 3D photogrammetry, Botscan© and VR with real-life examination

Federico Massini, Lars Ebert, Garyfalia Ampanozi, Sabine Franckenberg, Lena Benz, Till Sieberth

Open Access Original Article

Factitious disorders in Germany–a detailed insight

Julian Prangenberg, Jan Aasly, Elke Doberentz, Burkhard Madea, Harald Schrader

Open Access Review

Explosion-related deaths: An overview on forensic evaluation and implications

Nicola Galante, Lorenzo Franceschetti, Sara Del Sordo, Michelangelo Bruno Casali, Umberto Genovese

Open Access Case Report

Postmortem diagnostics of assumed suicidal food anaphylaxis in prison: a unique case of anaphylactic death due to peach ingestion

Stefano Tambuzzi, Guendalina Gentile, Michele Boracchi, Domenico Di Candia, Rachele Bianchi, Riccardo Zoja

Case Report

Ectopic right thoracic kidney associated with Bochdalek hernia as the cause of diagnostic confusion

Vladimir Živković, Danica Cvetković, Tatjana Atanasijević, Slobodan Nikolić

Case Report

A rare case of sudden death due to aortogastric fistula after endovascular aortic repair of the descending aorta

Tsellou Maria, Alexandri Maria, Vlachodimitropoulos Dimitrios, Goutas Nikolaos, Papadodima Stavroula

Case Report

Autopsy case of fatal hypoglycemia following ingestion of a therapeutic dose of tramadol

Kosho Yoshida, Hiroaki Sato, Toshiko Tanaka, Kentaro Kasai

Case Report

Death caused by a domestic pig attack

Lorenzo Gitto, Luigi Bonaccorso, Stephanie M. Bryant, Serenella Serinelli

Case Report

An autopsy case of sodium nitrite-induced methemoglobinemia with various post-mortem analyses

Chungsu Hwang, Seong-Hoon Yeon, Jinmi Jung, Joo-Young Na

Case Report

Asphyxia caused by delayed subglottic stenosis after neck trauma

Yueyao Shen, Kai Li, Peng Chen, Youjia Yu, Feng Chen

Open Access Case Report

Fox sign in a case of terminal stage pancreatic cancer and suggestions for diagnosis

Julian Prangenberg, Elke Doberentz, Burkhard Madea

Case Report

Bile pulmonary embolism-related sudden death following an abdominal firearm injury: An autopsy case report and review of literature

Nora Fawzy Fnon, Hamed Mahmoud Seleim, Mohammed Shabana Abdel-wahab, Zahraa Khalifa Sobh

Zur Zeit gratis Commentary

Autopsy assessment of pediatric head injury: a proposal for aerosol mitigation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Emma C. Cheshire, Roger D. G. Malcomson, Guy N. Rutty

Images in Forensics

Fatal bleeding after transfemoral coronary angiography in anorexia nervosa

Inga Duval, Elke Doberentz, Burkhard Madea

Images in Forensics

Ludwig angina and sudden death

Abbie Tu, John D. Gilbert, Roger W. Byard

Open Access Images in Forensics

Video image of genital melanosis provides strong evidence to support identification of a sexual offender

Atsushi Yamada, Toshio Demitsu, Naoka Umemoto, Osamu Kitamura

Images in Forensics

Various fatal complications of urolithiasis

Veronika Hájková, Tereza Švecová, Matěj Uvíra, Tomáš Vojtíšek, Petr Handlos

Images in Forensics

Computerized delineation of the teeth and comparison with a smiling photograph: identification of a body skeletonized by cadaverous ichthyofauna action

Murilo Sérgio Valente-Aguiar, Talita Lima Castro-Espicalsky, Teresa Magalhães, Ricardo Jorge Dinis-Oliveira

Images in Forensics

Coronary artery thromboembolism from left appendage mural thrombus- a rare complication from atrial fibrillation

Sinead McCarthy, Jack Garland, Christopher X. Wong, Rexson Tse

Lessons from the Museum

The caul and its relation to drowning, lawyers and sorcerers

Roger W. Byard

Lessons from the Museum

The mysterious hole in the skull of Pope Celestin V

Luca Ventura

Differential Diagnosis

The banding phenomenon: injury or hypostasis?

Danica Cvetković, Vladimir Živković, Petar Milovanović, Ivan Zaletel, Slobodan Nikolić

Letter to the Editor

Potential use of deep learning techniques for postmortem imaging—moving beyond postmortem radiology

Jack Garland, Benjamin Ondruschka, Rexson Tse

Letter to the Editor

Academic Referencing – a dying art

Graham Roberts

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