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International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery 8/2017

Ausgabe 8/2017

IJCARS - MICCAI 2016 Special Issue

Inhaltsverzeichnis ( 19 Artikel )

25.07.2017 | Editorial | Ausgabe 8/2017

Guest editorial of the IJCARS MICCAI 2016 special issue

Sebastien Ourselin, Mert R. Sabuncu, William Wells, Leo Joskowicz, Gozde Unal, Andreas Maier

15.06.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017 Open Access

Anatomy-driven multiple trajectory planning (ADMTP) of intracranial electrodes for epilepsy surgery

Rachel Sparks, Vejay Vakharia, Roman Rodionov, Sjoerd B. Vos, Beate Diehl, Tim Wehner, Anna Miserocchi, Andrew W. McEvoy, John S. Duncan, Sebastien Ourselin

29.04.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

Versatile, robust, and efficient tractography with constrained higher-order tensor fODFs

Michael Ankele, Lek-Heng Lim, Samuel Groeschel, Thomas Schultz

01.08.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017 Open Access

Deformable appearance pyramids for anatomy representation, landmark detection and pathology classification

Qiang Zhang, Abhir Bhalerao, Charles Hutchinson

02.06.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017 Open Access

An image retrieval framework for real-time endoscopic image retargeting

Menglong Ye, Edward Johns, Benjamin Walter, Alexander Meining, Guang-Zhong Yang

20.06.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

Detection and grading of prostate cancer using temporal enhanced ultrasound: combining deep neural networks and tissue mimicking simulations

Shekoofeh Azizi, Sharareh Bayat, Pingkun Yan, Amir Tahmasebi, Guy Nir, Jin Tae Kwak, Sheng Xu, Storey Wilson, Kenneth A. Iczkowski, M. Scott Lucia, Larry Goldenberg, Septimiu E. Salcudean, Peter A. Pinto, Bradford Wood, Purang Abolmaesumi, Parvin Mousavi

20.06.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

Consistent reconstruction of 4D fetal heart ultrasound images to cope with fetal motion

Christine Tanner, Barbara Flach, Céline Eggenberger, Oliver Mattausch, Michael Bajka, Orcun Goksel

06.02.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

A magnetic resonance image-guided breast needle intervention robot system: overview and design considerations

Samuel Byeongjun Park, Jung-Gun Kim, Ki-Woong Lim, Chae-Hyun Yoon, Dong-Jun Kim, Han-Sung Kang, Yung-Ho Jo

28.04.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

Grasper having tactile sensing function using acoustic reflection for laparoscopic surgery

Hiep Hoang Ly, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Tomohiro Fukuda, Akihito Sano

05.05.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

Compact forceps manipulator with a spherical-coordinate linear and circular telescopic rail mechanism for endoscopic surgery

Toshikazu Kawai, Hiroyuki Hayashi, Yuji Nishizawa, Atsushi Nishikawa, Ryoichi Nakamura, Hiroshi Kawahira, Masaaki Ito, Tatsuo Nakamura

29.06.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

A surgical robot with augmented reality visualization for stereoelectroencephalography electrode implantation

Bowei Zeng, Fanle Meng, Hui Ding, Guangzhi Wang

20.03.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

Introduction of a computer-based method for automated planning of reduction paths under consideration of simulated muscular forces

Jan Buschbaum, Rainer Fremd, Tim Pohlemann, Alexander Kristen

04.05.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017 Open Access

Intra-operative fiducial-based CT/fluoroscope image registration framework for image-guided robot-assisted joint fracture surgery

Giulio Dagnino, Ioannis Georgilas, Samir Morad, Peter Gibbons, Payam Tarassoli, Roger Atkins, Sanja Dogramadzi

08.06.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

Finite element model predicts the biomechanical performance of cervical disc replacement and fusion hybrid surgery with various geometry of ball-and-socket artificial disc

Yang Li, Guy R. Fogel, Zhenhua Liao, Weiqiang Liu

17.06.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

Translatory hip kinematics measured with optoelectronic surgical navigation

Sima Zakani, John F. Rudan, Randy E. Ellis

06.05.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

Workflow and simulation of image-to-physical registration of holes inside spongy bone

Jan Bergmeier, J. Michael Fitzpatrick, Dorothea Daentzer, Omid Majdani, Tobias Ortmaier, Lüder A. Kahrs

18.05.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

Application fields for the new Object Management Group (OMG) Standards Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) and Decision Management Notation (DMN) in the perioperative field

M. Wiemuth, D. Junger, M. A. Leitritz, J. Neumann, T. Neumuth, O. Burgert

31.05.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

ROS-IGTL-Bridge: an open network interface for image-guided therapy using the ROS environment

Tobias Frank, Axel Krieger, Simon Leonard, Niravkumar A. Patel, Junichi Tokuda

08.05.2017 | Original Article | Ausgabe 8/2017

OR.NET: multi-perspective qualitative evaluation of an integrated operating room based on IEEE 11073 SDC

M. Rockstroh, S. Franke, M. Hofer, A. Will, M. Kasparick, B. Andersen, T. Neumuth

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