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Surgical Endoscopy 1/2021
Surgical Endoscopy

Ausgabe 1/2021


Inhaltsverzeichnis (57 Artikel)

Open Access 10.11.2020 | COVID-19 | EAES Recommendations

EAES Recommendations for Recovery Plan in Minimally Invasive Surgery Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Alberto Arezzo, Nader Francis, Yoav Mintz, Michel Adamina, Stavros A. Antoniou, Nicole Bouvy, Catalin Copaescu, Nicolò de Manzini, Nicola Di Lorenzo, Salvador Morales-Conde, Beat P. Müller-Stich, Felix Nickel, Dorin Popa, Diana Tait, Cenydd Thomas, Susan Nimmo, Dimitrios Paraskevis, Andrea Pietrabissa, The EAES Group of Experts for Recovery Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

12.08.2020 | Review Article

Double-balloon enteroscopy for diagnostic and therapeutic ERCP in patients with surgically altered gastrointestinal anatomy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Sama Anvari, Yung Lee, Nivedh Patro, Melissa Sam Soon, Aristithes G. Doumouras, Dennis Hong

27.08.2020 | Review Article

Effectiveness and safety of underwater techniques in gastrointestinal endoscopy: a comprehensive review of the literature
Marcello Maida, Sandro Sferrazza, Alberto Murino, Andrea Lisotti, Nikolaos Lazaridis, Alessandro Vitello, Pietro Fusaroli, Giovanni de Pretis, Emanuele Sinagra

27.08.2020 | Review Article

Efficacy of endoscopic submucosal tunnel dissection versus endoscopic submucosal dissection for superficial esophageal neoplastic lesions: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Ting Zhang, Hao Zhang, Furui Zhong, Xuan Wang


Efficacy and safety of palliative endobiliary radiofrequency ablation using a novel temperature-controlled catheter for malignant biliary stricture: a single-center prospective randomized phase II TRIAL
Huapyong Kang, Moon Jae Chung, In Rae Cho, Jung Hyun Jo, Hee Seung Lee, Jeong Youp Park, Seung Woo Park, Si Young Song, Seungmin Bang


Retrograde artery first approach for “shoulder” pancreatic cancers in minimally invasive distal pancreatectomy
Feng Tian, Meng-qing Sun, Jun Lu, Jun-chao Guo

Open Access 05.02.2020

Functional outcomes after laparoscopic versus robotic-assisted rectal resection: a systematic review and meta-analysis
K. F. Kowalewski, L. Seifert, S. Ali, M. W. Schmidt, S. Seide, C. Haney, C. Tapking, A. Shamiyeh, Y. Kulu, T. Hackert, B. P. Müller-Stich, F. Nickel


Expanding indications for laparoscopic parenchyma-sparing resection of posterosuperior liver segments in patients with colorectal metastases: comparison with open hepatectomy for immediate and long-term outcomes
M. Efanov, D. Granov, R. Alikhanov, I. Rutkin, V. Tsvirkun, I. Kazakov, A. Vankovich, A. Koroleva, D. Kovalenko

Open Access 28.01.2020

Transpancreatic biliary sphincterotomy for biliary access is safe also on a long-term scale
Vilja Koskensalo, Marianne Udd, Mia Rainio, Jorma Halttunen, Matias Sipilä, Outi Lindström, Leena Kylänpää


Does three-dimensional surgery affect recurrence patterns in patients with gastric cancer after laparoscopic R0 gastrectomy? Results from a 3-year follow-up phase III trial
Jun Lu, Bin-bin Xu, Zhi-fang Zheng, Jian-wei Xie, Jia-bin Wang, Jian-xian Lin, Qi-yue Chen, Long-long Cao, Mi Lin, Ru-hong Tu, Ze-ning Huang, Chao-hui Zheng, Chang-ming Huang, Ping Li


Transoral robotic thyroidectomy versus conventional open thyroidectomy: comparative analysis of surgical outcomes using propensity score matching
Ji Young You, Hoon Yub Kim, Da Won Park, Hsien Wen Yang, Hong Kyu Kim, Gianlorenzo Dionigi, Ralph P. Tufano


Overlap method versus functional method for esophagojejunal reconstruction using totally laparoscopic total gastrectomy
Chang Seok Ko, Chung Sik Gong, Byung Sik Kim, Seon Ok Kim, Hee Sung Kim

13.01.2020 | surgery

An advanced RFID-based system to localize gastric and colon cancers during laparoscopic surgery
Kang Moo Lee, Jae Seok Min, Won Jung Choi, Jin Woo Ahn, Song Woo Yoon, Young-Jin Kim


Predictive factors of post-laparoscopic inguinal hernia acute and chronic pain: prospective follow-up of 807 patients from a single experienced surgeon
Chi-Wen Lo, Yung-Tai Chen, Fu-Shan Jaw, Chih-Chin Yu, Yao-Chou Tsai


Totally extraperitoneal approach for open complex abdominal wall reconstruction
Shyanie Kumar, R. Wesley Edmunds, Michael J. Nisiewicz, Zachary D. Warriner, Yu-Wei Wayne Chang, Margaret A. Plymale, Daniel L. Davenport, Alexander Wade, John Scott Roth


Outcomes after distal pancreatectomy for neuroendocrine neoplasms: a retrospective comparison between minimally invasive and open approach using propensity score weighting
Stefano Partelli, Valentina Andreasi, Paola Maria Vittoria Rancoita, Eduardo Perez-Sanchez, Francesca Muffatti, Gianpaolo Balzano, Stefano Crippa, Clelia Di Serio, Massimo Falconi

28.01.2020 | liver resection

Totally laparoscopic anatomic S7 segmentectomy using in situ split along the right intersectoral and intersegmental planes
Jun Cao, Wen-da Li, Rui Zhou, Chang-zhen Shang, Lei Zhang, Hong-wei Zhang, Wan Yee Lau, Ya-jin Chen


Development and validation of machine learning models to predict gastrointestinal leak and venous thromboembolism after weight loss surgery: an analysis of the MBSAQIP database
Jacob Nudel, Andrew M. Bishara, Susanna W. L. de Geus, Prasad Patil, Jayakanth Srinivasan, Donald T. Hess, Jonathan Woodson


Feasibility of purely laparoscopic right anterior sectionectomy
Takao Ide, Taketo Matsunaga, Tomokazu Tanaka, Hirokazu Noshiro


Comparison of peroral endoscopic myotomy between de-novo achalasia and achalasia with prior treatment
Abdullah Ozgur Yeniova, In kyung Yoo, Eunju Jeong, Joo Young Cho

13.01.2020 | ultrasound

Novel transluminal treatment protocol for hepaticojejunostomy stricture using covered self-expandable metal stent
Takeshi Ogura, Nobu Nishioka, Masanori Yamada, Tadahiro Yamada, Saori Ueno, Jyun Matsuno, Kazuya Ueshima, Yoshitaro Yamamoto, Atsushi Okuda, Kazuhide Higuchi


Adding iliopubic tract repair to high ligation reduces recurrence risk in pediatric laparoscopic transabdominal inguinal hernia repair
Sung Ryul Lee, Pyoung Jae Park


Trends and risk factors for 30-day readmissions in patients with acute cholangitis: analysis from the national readmission database
Malav P. Parikh, Rajat Garg, Vibhu Chittajallu, Niyati Gupta, Shashank Sarvepalli, Rocio Lopez, Prashanthi N. Thota, Hassan Siddiki, Amit Bhatt, Prabhleen Chahal, Sunguk Jang, Tyler Stevens, John Vargo, Arthur McCullough, Madhusudhan R. Sanaka

16.01.2020 | gastrectomy

Outcomes of endoscopic treatment for malignant biliary obstruction in patients with surgically altered anatomy: analysis of risk factors for clinical failure
Takeshi Tomoda, Hironari Kato, Kazuya Miyamoto, Akihiro Matsumi, Eijiro Ueta, Yuuki Fujii, Yousuke Saragai, Tatsuhiro Yamazaki, Daisuke Uchida, Kazuyuki Matsumoto, Shigeru Horiguchi, Koichiro Tsutsumi, Hiroyuki Okada

06.02.2020 | Correction

Correction to: Outcomes of endoscopic treatment for malignant biliary obstruction in patients with surgically altered anatomy: analysis of risk factors for clinical failure
Takeshi Tomoda, Hironari Kato, Kazuya Miyamoto, Akihiro Matsumi, Eijiro Ueta, Yuuki Fujii, Yousuke Saragai, Tatsuhiro Yamazaki, Daisuke Uchida, Kazuyuki Matsumoto, Shigeru Horiguchi, Koichiro Tsutsumi, Hiroyuki Okada


Abdominal core quality of life after ventral hernia repair: a comparison of open versus robotic-assisted retromuscular techniques
Francisco A. Guzman-Pruneda, Li-Ching Huang, Courtney Collins, Savannah Renshaw, Vimal Narula, Benjamin K. Poulose


Efficacy and safety of endoscopic full-thickness resection in the colon and rectum using an over-the-scope device: a meta-analysis
Peiwen Li, Bin Ma, Shulei Gong, Xinyu Zhang, Wenya Li

28.01.2020 | basic surgery

Is resident assistance equivalent to fellows during hepatectomy?
Rachel E. Simpson, Kyle L. Carpenter, Christine Y. Wang, Christian M. Schmidt, E. Molly Kilbane, Cameron L. Colgate, Michael G. House, Nicholas J. Zyromski, C. Max Schmidt, Attila Nakeeb, Eugene P. Ceppa


Preoperative skill evaluation in transabdominal preperitoneal (TAPP) inguinal hernia repair using a three-dimensional printed TAPP repair simulator
Yuichi Nishihara, Yoh Isobe


Evolution of minimally invasive surgery for rectal cancer: update from the national cancer database
Brian Gilmore, Mohamed A. Adam, Kristen Rhodin, Megan C. Turner, Brian Ezekian, Christopher R. Mantyh, John Migaly


Impact of fragmentation on rehospitalization after bariatric surgery
Allison R. Schulman, Russell Dolan, Marwan S. Abougergi, Dana Telem, Shirley Cohen-Mekelburg


Laparoscopic fundoplication for refractory GERD: a procedure worth repeating if needed
Zia Kanani, Jon C. Gould

03.02.2020 | endoscopy

A prospective randomized controlled trial comparing simethicone, N-acetylcysteine, sodium bicarbonate and peppermint for visualization in upper gastrointestinal endoscopy
Prasit Mahawongkajit, Amonpon Kanlerd


Benchmarking patient satisfaction scores in a colorectal patient population
Sandra L. Kavalukas, Rebeccah B. Baucom, Timothy M. Geiger, Molly M. Ford, Roberta L. Muldoon, Nicholas A. Cavin, Benjamin E. Killion, M. Benjamin Hopkins, Russell L. Rothman, David F. Penson, Alexander T. Hawkins


Effect of antiplatelet agent number, types, and pre-endoscopic management on post-polypectomy bleeding: validation of endoscopy guidelines
Kazuhiro Watanabe, Naoyoshi Nagata, Naohiro Yanagisawa, Takuro Shimbo, Hidetaka Okubo, Koh Imbe, Chizu Yokoi, Mikio Yanase, Akio Kimura, Junichi Akiyama, Naomi Uemura


Effect of hospital teaching status on endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography mortality and complications in the USA
Laura Rotundo, Faiz Afridi, Mirela Feurdean, Sushil Ahlawat


Simulation training for the endoscopic management of upper gastrointestinal bleeding: a nationwide survey of rural surgeons’ needs and preferences analysis
Shawn M. Purnell, Daniel J. Vargo, Michael Sarap, John J. Nguyen-Lee, Chelsea Allen, Brian J. Dunkin


Long-term oncological outcomes of laparoscopic versus open transhiatal resection for patients with Siewert type II adenocarcinoma of the esophagogastric junction
Shizuki Sugita, Takahiro Kinoshita, Takeshi Kuwata, Masanori Tokunaga, Akio Kaito, Masahiro Watanabe, Akiko Tonouchi, Reo Sato, Masato Nagino


Microanatomy-based standardization of left upper mediastinal lymph node dissection in thoracoscopic esophagectomy in the prone position
Yasuhiro Shirakawa, Kazuhiro Noma, Naoaki Maeda, Shunsuke Tanabe, Kazufumi Sakurama, Toshiyoshi Fujiwara


Postoperative drain after transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy vestibular approach (TOETVA) with single incision
Zeyang Liu, Xiaowei Peng, Zan Li, Bo Zhou, Peng Wu, Chunliu Lv, Yuanyuan Tang, Dajiang Song, Hui Li, Wen Peng, Yan Ou, Anji Xu


Laparoscopic partial splenectomy with temporary occlusion of the trunk of the splenic artery in fifty-one cases: experience at a single center
Guoqing Ouyang, Yongbin Li, Yunqiang Cai, Xin Wang, He Cai, Bing Peng


A new platform for laparoscopic training: initial evaluation of the ex-vivo live multivisceral training device
Xiaobo Wang, Kunsong Zhang, Wenjie Hu, Ming Kuang, Serene Teo, Zhiyong Guo, Qiang Zhao, Xiaoshun He


Risk factors for gastroesophageal reflux after POEM for achalasia: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Raquel Cristina Lins Mota, Eduardo Guimarães Hourneaux de Moura, Diogo Turiani Hourneaux de Moura, Wanderlei Marques Bernardo, Eduardo Turiani Hourneaux de Moura, Vitor O. Brunaldi, Paulo Sakai, Christopher C. Thompson


Has National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month increased endoscopy screening rates and public interest in colorectal cancer?
Haddon J. Pantel, David A. Kleiman, Angela H. Kuhnen, Peter W. Marcello, Caitlin Stafford, Rocco Ricciardi


Pelvic peritoneum closure reduces postoperative complications of laparoscopic abdominoperineal resection: 6-year experience in single center
Xialin Yan, Hao Su, Sen Zhang, Leqi Zhou, Jiaoyang Lu, Xiao Yang, Jianwen Li, Pei Xue, Zirui He, Mingliang Wang, Aiguo Lu, Junjun Ma, Lu Zang, Zhenghao Cai, Jing Sun, Hiju Hong, Minhua Zheng, Bo Feng

06.02.2020 | 2019 SAGES Oral

Laparoscopic parastomal hernia repair delays recurrence relative to open repair
Patrick Keller, Crystal F. Totten, Margaret A. Plymale, You Wei Lin, Daniel L. Davenport, John Scott Roth

10.02.2020 | 2019 SAGES Oral

Minimally invasive approach to hiatal hernia repair is superior to open, even in the emergent setting: a large national database analysis
Salim Hosein, Tyson Carlson, Laura Flores, Priscila Rodrigues Armijo, Dmitry Oleynikov

13.03.2020 | 2019 EAES Oral

Age-related outcomes in laparoscopic hiatal hernia repair: Is there a “too old” for antireflux surgery?
Alex Addo, Zachary Sanford, Andrew Broda, H. Reza Zahiri, Adrian Park

03.04.2020 | 2019 EAES Oral

Transductal versus transcystic laparoscopic common bile duct exploration: an institutional review of over four hundred cases
Lalin Navaratne, Alberto Martinez Isla

24.08.2020 | Dynamic Manuscript

Laparoscopic right posterior anatomic liver resections with Glissonean pedicle-first and venous craniocaudal approach
Alessandro Ferrero, Roberto Lo Tesoriere, Francesco Giovanardi, Serena Langella, Fabio Forchino, Nadia Russolillo

14.09.2020 | Dynamic Manuscript

The current state of robotic retromuscular repairs—a qualitative review of the literature
David A. Santos, Angela R. Limmer, Heather M. Gibson, Celia R. Ledet

03.09.2020 | Dynamic Manuscript

Intractable biliary obstruction after TIPS creation treated by magnet-assisted endoscopic biliary-duodenal anastomosis
Linhao Zhang, Bo Wei, Hao Wu, Bing Hu

23.09.2020 | Dynamic Manuscript

Single-site laparoscopic burnia for inguinal hernias in girls: comparison with open repair
Yih-Cherng Duh, Paul Chia-Yu Chang, Hsuan Huang, Yu-Wei Fu, Yao-Jen Hsu, Chin-Hung Wei, Ming-Hung Shen

28.09.2020 | New Technology

Precision functional sphincter-preserving surgery (PPS) for ultralow rectal cancer: a natural orifice specimen extraction (NOSE) surgery technique
Cheng-Le Zhuang, Feng-Min Zhang, Zheng Wang, Xun Jiang, Feng Wang, Zhong-Chen Liu

21.09.2020 | New Technology

EUS-guided fine needle tattooing (EUS-FNT) for preoperative localization of small pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors (p-NETs): a single-center experience
Fausto Rosa, Mihai Rimbaș, Gianenrico Rizzatti, Giuseppe Quero, Claudio Fiorillo, Michele Impagnatiello, Francesca D’Aversa, Guido Costamagna, Sergio Alfieri, Alberto Larghi

24.09.2020 | COVID-19 | New Technology Zur Zeit gratis

Stop the leak!: Mitigating potential exposure of aerosolized COVID-19 during laparoscopic surgery
John M. Uecker, Austin Fagerberg, Naser Ahmad, Alexander Cohen, Mitchell Gilkey, Farshid Alembeigi, Christopher R. Idelson

13.03.2020 | Correction

Correction to: The use of endoluminal techniques in the revision of primary bariatric surgery procedures: a systematic review
Yan Mei Goh, Nicole Ellen James, En Lin Goh, Achal Khanna

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