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The Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research

Official Publication of the National Council for Behavioral Health

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“Creative Financing”: Funding Evidence-Based Interventions in Human Service Systems

Implementation and sustainment of evidence-based interventions (EBIs) is influenced by outer (e.g., broader environments in which organizations operate) and inner (e.g., organizations, their administrators, and staff) contexts. One important …


The Effect of Patient Education on Chinese Adolescent and Parental Beliefs About Counselors’ Breaches of Confidentiality

The primary aim of the present study is to explore whether brief education can change Chinese adolescents’ and parents’ beliefs about when counselors would breach confidentiality. The two secondary aims are to examine whether the brief education …


Age Affects the Impact of Important Predictors on Mental Health Emergency Department Visits

Visits to emergency departments (EDs) for pediatric mental health care have increased over the years. The likelihood of ED re-visit is greatest for older children; however, little is known about age-varying effects on ED visits/re-visits. This …


Implementing Patient-Reported Outcomes to Improve the Quality of Care for Weight of Patients with Schizophrenia

“Enhancing QUality of Care In Psychosis” (EQUIP) was an eight-site clustered controlled trial of the implementation and effectiveness of patient-reported outcomes to support evidence-based practice and improve care for schizophrenia.


Career Services for Young Adults with Serious Mental Health Conditions: Innovations in the Field

This study examined careers services provided to young adults with serious mental health conditions. Based on an internet survey and key informant telephone interview of 31 programs nominated for delivering innovative practices for young adults …

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This journal examines the organization, financing, delivery and outcomes of behavioral health services (i.e., alcohol, drug abuse, and mental disorders), providing practical and empirical contributions to and explaining the implications for the broader behavioral health field. Each issue includes an overview of contemporary concerns and recent developments in behavioral health policy and management through research articles, policy perspectives, commentaries, brief reports, and book reviews.

This journal is the official publication of the National Council for Behavioral Health.

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